Chris Taylor Brings The Days of the Dead Tattoo Expo To Life

Chris Taylor Brings The Days of the Dead Tattoo Expo To Life

August 29, 2017

The Days of the Dead Tattoo Expo takes place this Fri/Sat/Sun, September 1-3 at the Crown Plaza Louisville Airport in Louisville, KY. You won't want to miss this combination Horror/Tattoo Fest! We sat down with Co-Founder Chris Taylor to get the scoop on the Convention!

1. What can people expect at the Days of the Dead Tattoo Expo?

The Days of the Dead Tattoo Expo brings the best of the tattoo and pop culture communities together under one roof. One ticket...two amazing shows! The tattoo expo will feature over 70 of the industry's best tattoo artists, all selected by invite and portfolio review. "That Damn Tattoo Contest" runs all three days of the expo. It's an entertaining and interactive contest that's DJ'd and MC'd by DJ Munchies (Harry Bean). We have lots of fun andgive away a variety of things from our many loyal sponsors. We also feature nationally recognized entertainers like sideshow phenoms, Captain & Maybelle.

2. This expo goes hand in hand with the Days of the Dead Horror Expo, what does that involve?

Days of the Dead Horror Convention features 30+ celebrity guests from the world of movies, TV, music, and professional wrestling, 70+ memorabilia vendors and exhibitors, 24 hr. film screenings spanning 30+ films, special F/X makeup contests, costume contests, 30+ Q&A panels, seminars, and live entertainment nightly including Scary-oke and a VIP party.

3. How many years has the Days Of The Dead Expo been running?

Although DOTD and That Damn Tattoo Contest has been around since 2011, we didn't add the Tattoo Expo until last year. The tattoo contest is consistently one of the biggest events of our shows, so it only made sense to take it the next step and offer up live tattooing. We tested the waters with a very small expo in LA in April of 2016. Then we decided to host our first larger scale show in Louisville in Sept. 2016. Our plans are to continue the Louisville show each year and to add our new city of Charlotte, NC in 2018.

4. Is this an all-ages event?

Yes, the Expo and Horror Con are all-ages events. We actually offer free entry to children under 12, as well as to any military vets, past or current.

5. How can people contact an artist if they want to get tattooed at the expo?

To book an appointment, simply visit and select an artist. Each artist promo shows a sample of their work and also links to their email by simply clicking on the image.

6. Is there a separate charge for the Horror Expo?

No, everyone has access to both shows with each ticket. There are also VIP tickets available which will give you access to special after hours events.

7. Will there be vendors other than Tattooers? If so, what kind?

Yes, DOTD prides itself in our variety of vendors. Many of our vendors offer one of kind, hand made items. We have several T-shirt vendors, sketch artists, painters, sculptors, and photographers...just to name a few. If you follow Days of the Dead on Facebook, we always do a vendor showcase leading up to the shows.

8. Do these events take place at the same venue?

Yes, both events are under one roof. We hold them at The Crowne Plaza Louisville. It is a beautiful hotel and we are     lucky to have it as our location.

9. What inspired the Days of the Dead tattoo expo?

Scott Medjesky has worked for the DOTD horror side since it's conception. He developed and ran That Damn Tattoo Contest. After a few shows, he enlisted the help of Ink Therapy Tattoo owner/artist, Chris Taylor, to help him make the event all it could be. Together they made the contest one of the highlights of the Horror Con. The natural next step was the creation of Days of the Dead Tattoo Expo.

10. Can people pick up InkAddict products while they're there?

InkAddict has been with us from the creation of the Expo. Artist Nathan Underneath came out and worked both our LA show and the inaugural Louisville show. Nathan brought his tattoo machine and loads of killer InkAddict gear. We look forward to having InkAddict set up at all of our shows. They have the best merch and some amazing featured tattooists. We can't wait to see who they send out this year!

Make sure to follow Days of the Dead Tattoo Expo on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK for up-to-the-minute pictures and info, and check out their WEBSITE to book an appointment with one of the incredible artists working the show! 

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