InkAddict, High in Phybr

InkAddict, High in Phybr

July 27, 2017

Get up close and personal with Detroit street artist Phybr as we discover the secrets behind his style, where you can see him live painting, and what has inspired his latest anatomical series.

Phybr, a Detroit native, is known for his comic book-inspired, colorful street art pieces and paintings. He has been interested in art since 2nd grade when he became obsessed with creating his own comic book. As time went on his interest in art grew. At one point he wanted to create his own skate brand, and in his early 20’s he began airbrushing and custom painting. It wasn’t until he started working with his friend, Sheefy McFly, 4 years ago that he was able to really break into the Detroit art and show world.

Phybr has a degree in graphic design which plays a large role in his thought process and the conceptualization of a lot of his work and murals. His monsters are some of his most recognizable images, and are a result of his background in custom car culture and artists like Ed Roth. “I grew up around hot rods and custom culture, so I remember as a kid being pretty mesmerized by how cool and awesome Rat Fink was and I think that reflects in my work.” 

Aside from his monsters, Phybr loves creating skeletons and anatomy. He recently started a series of work focused solely on human anatomy on a skeletal level. “That’s something that also goes back to when I was working in custom shop airbrushing. I use to airbrush a ton of skulls, death, and mayhem.”

Phybr’s style has greatly evolved since he began painting canvases and even airbrush. This evolution happened because he’s been taking a lot of time to focus on fine tuning his craft through his concepts, techniques, and influences. “Historically, I never use to be as thoughtful about my work as I am now. Now I like to sit back, brainstorm and go from there. It really sparks a lot of interesting concepts.”

Aside from painting, Phybr loves studying insects and plants which is an interest he cultivated while working in a commercial greenhouse as an Entomologist. He also spends time consulting in horticulture, a field he worked in for 13 years.

Phybr has been with us since the beginning, hearing about InkAddict through photographer and model friends. After meeting with owners Jim and Nathan, he became a part of the Nation, working with us on many fun events and shows including a live painting collaboration this coming weekend with fellow artist Seks on the InkAddict Leave Your Mark Wall at MOPOP Music Festival in Detroit. Want to see more of Phybr’s work? He’s having a solo exhibit in Toledo coming up this fall. If you can’t wait that long, follow him here on Instagram:  @PHYBR, Facebook: /Phybr and his Website:

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