March 31, 2017


We’re more than a tattoo clothing company, we are an all-encompassing lifestyle brand that aims to connect our culture with the community. To help promote the culture we’ve brought together a collective of tattooers, creatives, musicians, and many more to represent InkAddict worldwide. Our IA Nation members are out there doing awesome things to positively engage their communities and we wanted to share them with you.

Veronica has been modeling for InkAddict for the last year and we have photographer/IA Nation member Jason Keomany to thank for letting her know about the brand. Veronica spends her time woodworking and serving but would love to expand her art into a full time job. Her very first tattoo was done when she was 19 and it’s of a dead sugar skull women. Veronica now has 10 tattoos that represent a variety of things in her life. They remind her of her strength, things she finds beautiful, and a few she’s created with her artist and wanted to display on herself. Veronica has a ton of hobbies that range from traveling and hiking to cooking and beer. Follow her on Instagram to see earth and animal awareness posts, things she finds funny, and a good old fashioned selfie from time to time.

If you love our lifestyle images on social media then you are already a fan of Jason Keomany. The 36 year old from Westland Michigan is the resident man behind the camera for us here at InkAddict. Though his current day job is in the IT field Jason hopes to soon be a photographer full time. He would love to be shooting fashion, working closely with brands, and getting into some travel photography. Jason’s first tattoo in 1999 was a tribal band on his bicep, he’s currently up to 14 and nowhere near done. In a few months his sleeve should be complete and then it’s on to the other arm. Photography might be his business but he has so much fun doing it he considers it one of his favorite hobbies as well. When he’s not behind the camera he loves hiking, going to the sand dunes, being on the lake, anything to be outdoors. If you want to check out more of Jason’s photography follow him on Instagram where he’ll post work he does with models and even some fine art images from time to time.

Check out Jason's work in our Spring 17 Lookbook here

Farrah is one of our favorites so you’ve seen her selfies and lifestyle images all over our social pages. Farrah is a cosmetologist in Philadelphia and she’s loving her career! She became a fan of InkAddict after seeing us on Instagram and Inked Shop. Her first tattoo was just her name and a flower to ease her mom into what was to come. That first tattoo was eventually covered up with her collection of horror movie and Halloween themed tattoos. When she’s not behind the chair doing hair you can check her out as the lead singer of her cover band Mischief Night or managing the Philadelphia/New Jersey based model group, Mayhem and Muses. Check out her Instagram page for pictures from her shoots, fun times with family and friends, and of course a few good selfies.

If you’ve visited our website or social pages in the last year you know his face but we’re sure, like us you wanted to know more. This 20 year old from Ypsilanti, Mi has big aspirations for his career as well as his tattoos. Austin currently works as a machine tech assistant but hopes to soon spend his days as a mechanic building classic muscle cars. He likes big full sized pieces that flow, so his whole body is a work in progress that he will eventually link together. It started with a grim reaper half sleeve at 18 years old that was later connected with a graveyard scene. When he’s not modeling for InkAddict, Austin can be found skateboarding, making music, or urban exploring. You can keep up on his adventures through his Instagram where he posts highlights from his explorations in Detroit and beyond. You’ll also be able to check out his skateboarding skills but sorry ladies don’t expect any selfies. 

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