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#MyInkAddict - Ninth Dose: Staci Castle, Aric Bigelow, Adam Centeno, Rev. Craig Martinelli

#MyInkAddict - Ninth Dose: Staci Castle, Aric Bigelow, Adam Centeno, Rev. Craig Martinelli

August 24, 2017


We’re more than a tattoo clothing company, we are an all-encompassing lifestyle brand that aims to connect our culture with the community. To help promote the culture we’ve brought together a collective of tattooers, creatives, musicians, and many more to represent InkAddict worldwide. Our IA Nation members are out there doing awesome things to positively engage their communities and we wanted to share them with you .

STACI CASTLE | @StaciDeana

Staci lives in Northern California where she is a wife, a mom, and a full time employee for a utility company. She has been buying InkAddict so long she can’t remember where she first saw us. “After the purchase of my first hoodie, I was hooked.” Staci got her first tattoo the day she turned 18, it was a rose and a butterfly on her ankle, which is a copy of one her mom has on her back. Her collection has grown from there, to a point that she can’t remember how many she has. All of her tattoos mean something to her, including her newest favorite, her baby's name on her hand.
Staci’s favorite hobby is going to concerts, “There is something about hearing a band play live that’s pretty amazing.” She’s been going to concerts since she was 15 and like her tattoos she can’t remember how many she’s been to at this point. Staci has a few different social accounts to keep her modeling and family life separate. Follow her to see either pictures of her modeling or pictures of her baby "every five minutes".

Staci is wearing the INK Unisex Varsity Black/Gunmetal Heather Zip Hoodie.

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ARIC BIGELOW | @art_by_scissorhands

Aric is a 31 year old screenprinter and tattooer from Binghamton, New York. He has been screenprinting for 5 years and tattooing for 2 years. Aric does hope to transition into just tattooing and be able to do that for a long time. Aric heard about us through other tattoo artists, he looked into our company and liked what he saw. “I discovered it’s more than a tattoo thing, InkAddict in a way represents who I am, it’s become a way of life in some ways.” He got his first tattoo when he was 19 of a logo for a bicycle clothing line called Shitluck. “At the time, it was a good description of my life.” His tattoos vary from being meaningful to being there because they looked nice. Aric has a biomech sleeve and a Halloween sleeve that extends up to the top of his head as well as a Dexter tattoo on his ribs. He also has a memorial throat piece for a close friend that he lost to suicide and another for a lost pet on his ankle.
He has a ton of artists that inspire him but based on inspiration alone, Ryan Eternal is his favorite. Among his hobbies are BMX, hanging out with his 4 dogs and naked cat, tattooing, drawing, concerts, and movies. Follow him on Instagram to see his tattoo and screen printing work. Expect to see some adorable animals as well!

Aric is wearing the INK Black/White Snapback. Click HERE to purchase

ADAM CENTENO | @CaliLoveAdam

Adam is another face you’ll be familiar with as he’s been modeling for us for 5 years. This 35 year old currently lives in Clinton Township, Michigan but is originally from Southern California. Adam has been working with special needs adults for the last 7 years, he really enjoys having an impact on people’s lives. His first tattoo at 18 was the letters E.D.T with a sword and flames, this stands for ‘everyday thing’ which was his motto back then. His collection continued from there, all his tattoos either represent a period of his life or he just enjoyed the artistic image. Adam has 3 young kids so being a full time father and creating fun memories is how he spends the majority of his time. He also enjoys working out and being in the ocean or lake. Follow him to see modeling and family pictures as well as him out having a great time.

Adam is wearing the INK Men's Turquoise Tank. Click HERE to purchase

REV. CRAIG MARTINELLI | @inkedsoulztc

Craig is a 52 year old from Venice, Florida and a huge supporter of the tattoo community. This legally ordained minister is also the President and Founder of INKED SOULZ TATTOO CLUB. This tattoo club promotes acceptance and understanding of the tattoo lifestyle while raising money for deserving charities. When we asked him how he heard about InkAddict he said, “Who hasn’t heard about IA?” Craig’s tattoos are his story, each and every piece he has has meaning for him. His very first tattoo was at 16, he got his name on his arm which didn’t make mom very happy. Craig’s hobbies include tattoos, piercings, and running his club. Follow him on social to check out tattoo artists, shops, and models that he supports.

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