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Trust Your Artist Series: Uncle Matty

Trust Your Artist Series: Uncle Matty

April 15, 2017

"After being tattooed for 18 years with over a 100 hours of work on my body I’ve heard a lot while sitting in the shops and walking around the conventions. While no two artists are the same I think we’ve all heard a few of the same phrases over and over, no matter what shop we’re sitting in. “Keep it clean” and “stay out of the sun” are among these signature words of advice that helped inspire me while creating this new collection."

- Nathan Martin Co-Owner of InkAddict

KEEP IT CLEAN. This one feels like a no brainer but somehow there are people out there that end up with infected tattoos. It might be beautiful, but tattoos are still basically an open wound and should be treated as such. There are varied opinions on the best way to heal a new tattoo, but one thing is for sure, you should always listen to your artist rather than your friend with a handful of tattoos. To get more in depth on what it takes to "Keep It Clean", we asked Uncle Matty who helped start Redemption Tattoo Care.

1.Tell us a little about yourself and how you got in the industry?

I got into the industry years ago by hanging out with my good friend and long time tattooer, Bryan Bancroft out of Cortland, NY. By hanging with him and doing shows I met Bili Vegas out of Long Island, NY and he is the one who really brought me on board to start working in the industry for aftercare purposes. Back in 2011 we started Redemption Tattoo Care and that has snowballed into way too many other businesses hahaha.

2. Why is it important to "Keep it Clean"?

Oh geez, where to even start with “keep it clean”. It’s single handedly the most important thing when getting tattooed.I look at a tattoo almost like surgery, because it kind of is. If a shop is not spotless the minute I walk through the door it puts a bad taste in my mouth. If an artist is cutting corners on cleaning, they are most likely cutting corners in other areas too. All our Niteowl shops all over the country are spotless. You can’t take back first impressions and when you walk through our doors the client can never say one negative thing about our cleanliness.

3. What is the most important thing to remember when healing a tattoo?

I personally think when healing a tattoo it all comes down to being clean. I am sorry but people these days are filthy lol. Antibacterial soap and warm water are your best friends for the first week after getting a tattoo. Stay out of “dirty situations” for a few days too, gyms, outside activities, things that involve pets and zero swimming just to name a few. When it comes to aftercare less is more, especially with Redemption, a little bit goes a very long way.

4. What are the benefits of Redemption Aftercare?

Redemption’s formula was created by Bili Vegas, he deserves all the credit there. About 6 years ago, Bili felt that the industry was lacking an adequate lubricant specifically for tattooing. In 2011, motivated by his skills as a tattooer and fueled by his chemistry background he developed Redemption Tattoo Care, the industry's first and only USDA certified organic tattoo care. Redemption Tattoo Care has a variety of uses during and after the tattoo process. As it pertains to tattooing, it is the ideal lubricant to be used during the tattooing process. While the healing agents make it the perfect product to be used to heal a tattoo with the added bonus of being great for the skin.

Here's What Happens when you DON'T "Keep It Clean":

Sorry, these are REALLY gross, but you need to know.

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Here at InkAddict, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best information and insider knowledge from the experts. With that in mind we present the Trust Your Artist series where we’ll dig deep with our favorite artists to get their opinion on specific techniques, how to best care for your tattoos, and everything in between. Make sure to keep coming back once a month for new artist features. We know you’ve spent hours with your favorite artists, so let us hear it, and tell us the words of advice that your artist lives by in the form below!

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