Artist Spotlight: Ivana Tattoo Art

Artist Spotlight: Ivana Tattoo Art

March 13, 2017

Creativity can come from a lot of places, but one thing is for sure, Ivana Tattoo Art has a style all her own. 


Currently residing in Los Angeles, but traveling the world, the mind behind Ivana Tattoo Art is constantly drawing inspiration from the world around her. Being that Ivana has been in some of the most prestigious tattoo shows globally, has been featured in various exhibitions, and she has collaborated with various art schools internationally, it's a no-brainer as to why we wanted to showcase her iconic talents after her stint at the Inked Out New Jersey Tattoo Convention.

Hailing from Slovakia, Ivana shares that she had to wing it her first few years getting acclimated to tattooing.

"I got my first machine just after I finished my studies and started tattooing my friends and family. I didn't get any training or apprenticeship, because professional tattooing in Slovakia was at its beginnings and I had to learn as I go, figure out the needles and machine settings myself. I learned the hard way and had to fix a few tattoos later on, but I think it shaped me into an artist that I am today and being self-taught is an advantage for me."

elephantAn artist after our own hearts, she sees her inspiration in life and everything around her. And when giving a description of what she classifies as her style, she shares that she feels her style is a hybrid of "funky color" and an “organized mess," and that she doesn't "stick to any rules." Keeping herself open to creativity, Ivana can create freely with no restraints.

We had to wonder if her style was always this way, but like any other artist, style is built over time.

"I mix various stimuli and incorporate them into mine own blend of styles. Art in any shape or form is what draws me into tattooing; especially contemporary art and street art. I like how 'raw' it is, how it reflects 'the very now'; how free and flexible it is. In general, I prefer 'modern' looking designs, where creativity is above all the other component of the tattoo. Body flow and of course great technique must me mastered. Something that represents a mix of illustrative, abstract and contemporary style."

Between tattooing, she has been working on a limited series of art prints with an artist named Traci Durfee, as well as working on her second book (her first, Narcissistic Rockstar can be found here), and prepping her own clothing line. On top of what already seems to be a wild schedule, within the following year, she will be teaching seminars in the U.S. and Europe, as well as hitting Le Mundial Tatouage in Paris, France in March next year, the Taiwan Tattoo Convention in April and the Shangahi Tattoo Convention in September 2017.

We feel she's someone you should definitely keeps tabs on, so take a peek at all her social media below this stunning gallery of some of her favorite representations of her work, as well as her short film, entitled "Art Is My Life":







Amy Cooper is a photographer and journalist from the Detroit area, interested in ink, music, and lifestyle. 

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