Come Hangout with Crobot at the Flagship

Come Hangout with Crobot at the Flagship

March 13, 2017


Come to the InkAddict Flagship (22007 Woodward Ave Ferndale, MI) THIS FRIDAY September 11th @7 for an exclusive meet & greet and acoustic performance by free! If you come you could win 2 free tickets to their concert at the Fillmore Detroit the following day w/ Motorhead and Anthrax!

Blending funk, blues, metal and good old-fashioned rock and roll into a howling vortex of Yeagley’s vocals, Bishop’s guitar and the Figueroa’s backbone, Crobot have crafted an album of endless good time rock hooks that sound as inspired today as they would have on AOR radio in 1974.

The four members of Crobot -- Brandon Yeagley (lead vocals), Chris Bishop (guitar), Jake Figueroa (bass) and Paul Figueroa (drums).

Meet Crobot.

1. So how did you guys come together as a band? Is there a mythical origin to Crobot?

A. Out of the ashes of other bands, we came together with the similar mindset of just being ourselves and letting things happen organically.  We would get into a room and see what would develop naturally.  With the stale state of the rock scene today, we never wanted to be a band that relies on tracks or computers for our sound.  We were raised on Rock 'n' Roll and we are products of our environments; so, when we came together things just happened on their own without the need for any real conversations as to what type of band we wanted to aim to be.  We just want to be as real as it gets.  No tracks.  No gimmicks.  Just straight up plug and play groovy shit.

2. You guys have a pretty busy schedule ahead of you. What do you do in your spare time on the road? (Or what don't you do?)

A. We smoke a lot of weed and drink a lot of booze. Sometimes we read, sometimes we don't.  We always have an insatiable appetite for writing new tunes; so, that also keeps us busy as we've been learning the ropes of writing on the road.  What we don't do is talk about Fight Club.  

3. The video for "Nowhere To Hide" looks like it was pretty fun to shoot, how did you guys land on that theme?

A. It was a lot of fun!  We had a few treatments for the video that weren't really connecting; so, there were a few ideas that weren't passed down to us for whatever reasons, but when we heard the idea of aliens, rednecks, zombies, and our heads mounted on the wall, we were sold!

4. Were those mounted heads real? 

A. Unfortunately, no.  But, give us some time and we may just have to make it a reality.

5. Who comes up with your artwork in your promo videos?

A. Bishop is a mad scientist when it comes to the artwork that surrounds the band.  He is an incredible tattoo artist to boot and has his own style that really adds another dimension to what we do.  When we finished the album, the idea came up to make a piece of art for every song on the album.  So, Bishop worked his mighty pen and busted out the awesome imagery of the characters involved in the albums concept.  Afterwords, his art was sent to a talented Scottish animator who brought them to life in the visualizer videos that you see today.  

6. So we hear Crobot has their own beer, how did that happen? And What (besides your own) beer is your favorite?

A. Well, of course we are all fans of booze.  Some of us more than others and we definitely have different palettes when it comes to what we enjoy to drink.  So, when Double Barley Brewery said they were up to the challenge of crafting a beer that we would all love, we said “prove it!”  They certainly put their grog where there mouth is and brewed a seriously astral elixir that we indeed all loved, which is certainly a task all in of itself.  

Paul is really into stouts, mead, and heavy beers with a lot of flavor.  Jake enjoys nice, heavy hopped IPAs.  Bishop loves him some hefeweisens, pilsners, and sours.  Myself, I'm not much of a beer guy but enjoy the occasional super-sour, Lager, or a nice mead. 


7. Whats it like touring with Motorhead and Anthrax? Any ongoing pranks on the road?

A. Touring with such legendary bands is amazing.  They are each in their own right extremely influential to what we do and sharing the stage with those bands is just a dream come true.  They've both stuck it out, withstood the test of time and touring, and rock on levels of epic magnitude each and every night.  It's really insane to see these guys live every night.  It's really a pinch me, we're not worthy moment every single time.  

Luckily for us, we've never seen the wrong end of a prank or joke from any bands we've toured with, but I'm sure our day will come.

8. Is there a general theme surrounding "Something Supernatural"? Or is the Album a total declaration of you intergalactic supremacy? 

A. There is a story that am embellishing on for the basis of a graphic novel that will be released in the future, but front-to-back there really isn't a cohesive story.  It's more of an introduction of characters to be later developed further into a concept.  So, stay tuned for a further exploration of the Crobot universe.

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