Detroit Photographer - Sal Rodriguez

Detroit Photographer - Sal Rodriguez

March 10, 2017

InkAddict- What kind of equipment do you shoot with?

Sal - My workhorse camera is a Canon 7D DLSR, I shoot Film when I can 35mm and about to purchase a Medium Format. As of late I have been bringing my Fujifilm Mirrorless to shoots and loving it!...and I also bust out the iPhone as well, gotta keep up my insta-game ya know!

InkAddict- What attracted you to a career in photography?

Sal - Well it has alway been a hobby since I was a kid, but it wasn't until I started working at WDIV that it became a full time gig.

InkAddict- You shoot all kinds of different things including food spreads, portraits, street art, weddings, live music, models, and cars. Do you prefer one subject over the others?

Sal - At this point in the game I like to stay diverse and be able to shoot anything and everything. With that being said I'm learning fast which subjects put food on the table.

InkAddict- What kind of events do you cover for WDIV Local 4 news?

Sal - I shoot a lot of internal stuff but I also have my own page on called Detroit In Focus where I'm able to create my own content. For that I have been covering art events, business openings all the way to things like the Grand Prix and Autoshow.

InkAddict- You recently went to Art Basel in Miami, did you show your work there? What was it like to be around so many other talented artists?

Sal - First off it's a must for me to thank Library Street Collective and Inner State Gallery for the amazing opportunities to work with world famous artists. OH MAN!...Art Basel Miami / Wynwood Walls area is insane! It's so awesome to be able to walk down any given street and see artists doing what they do best. I mean I was there a week and in one day I shot artists like Revok, Pose, Cleon Peterson, Shepard Fairy, D-face, Tristan Eaton...I mean it's even better that I was given access to shoot those artist a bit more closely. And no...sadly no work was shown by me there, but never say never right?

InkAddict- Can you tell us about the photo that you used for the new Sal Rodriguez InkAddict shirt?

Sal - The Photo was taken inside the infamous and Historic Farwell Building located in Capital Park downtown Detroit. Opened in 1915 and named after Real Estate tycoon Jesse Farwell, the 8 story building was home to many professional offices. The building was also known for ironwork, touches of Tiffany and being so unique it is said to be significant architecturally. It was always a building I wanted to explore but heard how hard it was to actually get into in recent years. So I made a call and was able to have someone from the city let me in. The skylight goes through the top 7 stories and even though not a unique shot there are only a handful of shots similar and being that I had plenty of time I was able to get a few that I wanted. Also since then I have been in there one more time and now the place has been cleaned out and in renovation so I think its safe to say this shot is gone now as far as how it looks in my image. It's a true testament that these buildings were truly works of art.

InkAddict- If you could shoot any band in the world who would it be?

Sal - LOL....Right off the top of my head it would be Turbonegro and I would love to shoot them in their hometown,Oslo Norway.

InkAddict- You have your work featured in lots of magazines and publications, which one of your features are you most proud of to date and why?

Sal - Besides a few key hardcovers and paperbacks including one cover, the thing I am most proud of to date is being one of the winners of Ron Howard x Canon's Project Imagination 10. In 2013 I was one of the winners selected out of 73,521 total contestants to have my image inspire a short film. I was selected by Georgiana Chapman (Harvey Weinstein's wife) for her film "A dream Of Flying". It was amazing to spend a week in New York City with my wife and end it out with a film festival, red carpet, and after party where we met and hung out with Ron Howard, Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy. It was so awesome to see my name and my image on the big screen and in the credits.

InkAddict- Do you have any tattoos, if so what is your favorite and why?

Sal - Sadly I have none...because I have to pay for my wife's. lol Funny thing about that is I had an artist create a full sleeve of a Totem Stack for me and have yet to start it. But honestly camera gear prices are no joke so thats where that money goes.

InkAddict- Do you like to have your picture taken?

Sal - No not

All the great photographers hate having their pictures taken, and Sal is a great photographer!

Make sure to keep up with all of Sal’s Work by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

-Sadie Quagliotto

Sal's page: photo313

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