Featured Artist: Justin Nordine

Featured Artist: Justin Nordine

March 13, 2017

The Raw Canvas in Grand Junction, Colorado. He left a career as an art instructor to pursue a career in the tattoo industry. His shop now consists of 6 amazing tattoo artists and hosts guest artists from all over the world. He has established himself in the tattoo industry as one of the leading watercolor/fine art tattoo artists with many awards from various conventions from around the country. We're always excited when we see new work from Justin so give him a follow and dive deeper into the world he has created.

1. Your style of tattooing seems to be heavily influenced from your teaching background. Was the transition from canvas to skin difficult to master?

A. In the beginning I didn't realize that a fine art style could be translated to skin. Two years in I came across European artists that opened my mind to possibilities using a fine art direction. It has opened so many doors for me and has allowed me to be expressive and similar to what I do as a painter.

2. When your clients come to you, do they generally have a specific idea in mind, or do they start with something simple and let you dive into it?

A. Most of my clients have a general theme or idea and give me artistic freedom from there. Getting their stories and images is important to me. Most of my client are very open to my style. I think their buy in is very important, however, my style is hard to create "boundaries" so allowing for that artistic freedom is important but can also be tough to let go of that control from the client. So allowing them to trust me as their artists is very important.

3. Have you noticed your kids picking up on your art skills at all?

A. Yes both of my kids have different artistic interests. My daughter wants to become a tattoo artist....and a fashion model.... and a hairstylist!!!! I'm excited to see where it takes them in the future.

4. There are many talented artist out there who would like to tattoo, but they may be intimidated to give it a try. Any advice?

A. It is a very competitive industry. I think that fear can be a good motivator. Many young and up and coming artists are coming out of fine art school and then moving towards tattooing. It's a very exciting time in the industry.

5. Where did you win your 1st convention award? What for?

A. 2012 at the Villain Arts Convention in Chicago. I won 2nd place for female color. It was pretty sweet as I didn't expect it. It was nice to be recognized for my style

6. Any conventions coming up we can find you at?

A.Golden State Tattoo Expo in January, Chicago in March and NYC in July. I may be adding more but those are for sure next year.

7. What is/are your favorite color(s) to work with?

A.I tend to love rustic colors with hints of cooler shades. Complimentary colors.

8. Do you ever draw inspiration from your children?

A.Yes I find alot of organic and minimal inspiration from the artwork of kids. Children's art is so unrestricted. There is a lot to learn from them.

9. Do you see yourself teaching again in the future?

A.NO. Lol. I loved working with kids. Another passion of mine. It was a tough move to leave the education field but I don't regret it. I absolutely love what I do.

10. What is the best thing about Colorado? Should InkAddict relocate?

A.Colorado is by far the best state. The opportunities for outdoor activities are amazing and it is a very progressive state in so many areas. I think Inkaddict should move to Colorado! Why wouldn't you?!?


His Shop: http://www.therawcanvas.net/

Originally Published: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 22:38:09

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