First of the NEW Detroit Series - Camera Jesus

First of the NEW Detroit Series - Camera Jesus

March 10, 2017

"In what month was this photo taken?" 

This photo was taken at 4:04pm on February 16th, 2013.


"What is the large building in the background to the left?"

That's the Bonstelle Theatre operated by Wayne State University. It was built in 1902 and has been listed on the National Registration of Historical Places so you know it's haunted.


"How do you feel this photo represents Detroit?"

Although there are much older buildings in Detroit this is a great example between the contrast of old and new. The city of Detroit is in the midst of a historical transformation and this photo proves that. Not even a year later this scene has completely changed with Woodward Avenue's M1-Rail construction pushing forward into the future of how we will commute.


"What age did you begin taking photographs?"

I can't remember exactly when I started considering myself as a photographer. I picked up my parents camera at a very early age after discovering it in their closet while playing hide and seek.


"What age did you realize this was more than just a hobby and something you are truly gifted at?"

My gift may be more of patience and creativity then photography itself. I've worked countless hours at my craft taking thousands of images and constantly critiquing my eye to be where I am today. Basically my life. I knew right away it would be hard for me to put the camera down.


"Pretty sure every female photographer (and probably male too), has a photographer crush on you. How do you stay so modest and humble?"

Everything I do, I do for my family. Working hard to give them the best life I can keeps me in check from doing some dumb shit.


"If there is something cool happening anywhere in Detroit, we can guarantee that you will be there with your camera in hand. How hectic and overwhelming does your schedule get? Does it ever become too much?"

When I was first starting out trying to find my niche I really spread myself thin trying to cover every concert, event, while raising a family. I've cut way back on event photography to focus on a more laid back commercial approach. Now I can focus my time into being creative on my own project like what I do in the city and still have time for my family or my other hobbies like riding bikes and eating.


"You've shot and excelled in almost every style of photography from portraits, to lifestyle, models, bands, live music, BMX, Skateboarders (Tony Hawk), and now you are getting more into wildlife and aerial photography. What would you say is your favorite style to shoot?"

I've always favored the action photography over everything. Being able to time a skateboard flipping around and capture the exact moment when it looks most impressive is like my version of video games. Tony Hawk found me through instagram, we've shot a few times but now I'm his go to guy. He could have anyone in the world be his photographer but he's chosen me. I take pride in that.


"What was one of the most awkward moments you've ever had while working?"

I was photographing a Ke$ha concert and she stopped mid song and had her security grab me. I was escorted backstage like as if I was in trouble for something. A few minutes later Ke$ha came into the room sand asked if she could borrow my dick. I respectfully declined but got some photos that were later published in Rolling Stone.


"Has anyone ever used one of your photos without consent or giving you credit?"

Everyday! All day I can't even keep track. It sucks but I try not to get hung up on it and instead try and preach that giving credit is classy. If I see an outlet or model give photo credit it makes me want to work with them.


"How did you handle it?"

Whenever something upsets me I just order pizza.


"What would be your dream shoot?"

I've been dreaming of traveling into the jungle. More National Geographic style photography. I want to explore.  I want to give the world what I've given to Detroit.


"If you could choose to have your work in any publication, what would it be?"

National Geographic.


"What does your son think about your job? Do you think he will also develop the same passion for photography that you have?"

He plays it cool but I think he sees how far I've come and he's kinda proud to have me as his Dad. I let him play with my go pro and sometimes with the big rig. He's actually very good already at framing the subject and creating a dynamic image. I wouldn't  be surprised photography was something he does more in the future.


"Where is the best place to purchase your prints?"

The one and only


"How long have you been affiliated with InkAddict?"

We've done some promo shoots in the past but this artist tshirt collaboration in next level. I look forward to a long relationship with InkAddict. Big things! Thank you!


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