Flower Tattoos & Their Meanings

Flower Tattoos & Their Meanings

March 13, 2017

Humans have been tattooing themselves since the Neolithic times, in fact the first tattoos appear around 6000 BC. Flowers are one of the oldest symbols that humans have used to express themselves and their meaning has changed throughout history. Different cultures attribute different symbolism to each flower. Here is a brief history of some of the most common floral tattoos and their meanings.

Artist: Cara Massacre

The Lotus

The Lotus generally represents knowledge, understanding, enlightenment, and life. To the egyptians the lotus meant rebirth and in hinduism it symbolized beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity. Buddhists believe that the Buddha rose from the center of a lotus blossom. A lot of people get lotus tattoos to represent a change or a new beginning in their lives.

 Artist: Kore Flatmo

The Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom is common in Japanese style tattoos. It represents mortality, life, and beauty. It is usually depicted blowing in the wind, to represent the human condition of always being in a constant state of change.  

Artist Unknown

The Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum represents perfection, happiness, life, joy and longevity. It has also traditionally been used across all cultures to represent a deity or higher power. Chrysanthemums bloom in the fall, so they are also commonly used to portray the idea that we are not dead or alive, instead we are stuck in a constant transition between the two.  

Artist: Phil Garcia

The Rose

The Rose is the flower of love, but it also represents balance, hope, and new beginnings. The meaning of a rose is dependent on its color. Red stands for love, pink stands for appreciation, yellow stands for friendship, and white stands for a fresh start. The meaning of the rose varies greatly across cultures. In fact, during the 16th Century, roses were tattooed on prisoners that were sentenced to death.

Artist Unknown

The Peony

 The Peony has traditionally represented elegance and wealth. They have been used as the flower of royalty in many cultures, including Chinese. They are thought to be an omen of good fortune.  

Artist Unknown

The Orchid

The Orchid is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. They are also a symbol of rare and delicate beauty. The ancient Chinese interpreted the orchid flower’s meaning as a symbol for many children.


The Lily

The Lily commonly stands for virtue, perfection and purity, compassion and understanding. It is also the flower of morning. Tattoos of this flower are commonly used to represent a lost loved one.  

Artist: Denise de la Cerda

The Daffodil

The Daffodil is the flower of hope. They are usually white or yellow, two colors that are thought to represent hope.

A lot of people get flower tattoos because they look pretty, and we get that. But, flowers are a great way to portray something very special to you without sharing too much information to the untrained eye. A yellow rose is a great best friends tattoo and and a daffodil is a great reminder of how important it is to keep hope alive.

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