InkAddict Featured Artist: Jeremy Miller

InkAddict Featured Artist: Jeremy Miller

March 13, 2017

1. So tell us about yourself, where are you from, and how did you 

become the newschool mastermind you are today?

A. Well, I own a studio in Austin TX called Pigment Dermagraphics. When I am not there I am at home in the burbs with my wife and three kiddos. Becoming a ‘newschool mastermind,’ as you say, is really a constant battle. When you are surrounded with killer artists, the definition of mastermind changes daily, and it is very difficult to keep up. Regardless, drawing the same stuff over and over and over until it finally gets better is the best way to grow artistically.

2. You have a super clean and colorful style, has your work always been as such? Or was it a craft you picked up along the way?

A. I actually started my tattoo career with a weird fascination for tribal. I wanted to tattoo sharp, solid black shapes more than anything else. A few years into the craft I ran across a new school piece by an artist named Brad Worrell, and my world changed. Brad became my mentor and helped pave the way for me to develop my own new school style.

3. The guitar you recently finished is a true craft of art, how many have you done? Have you taken on any other instruments?

A. I have only done two guitars so far, and I am really pleased with the results. However, they aren’t perfect, so I’m not happy. I have a Les Paul sitting in a case that is already fully prepped and ready to go, but I can’t manage to convince myself that I have a good enough idea to start working on it. I have had several people ask me to do their guitars, but I think they are always a little shocked when I tell them the cost. What most people don’t realize is that each guitar takes me a good fifty hours to complete, so clearly it shouldn’t be cheap.

4. Aside from your various art mediums, what other hobbies do you get into?

A. Right now I am working on getting my doctorate, so my big hobby is going to school. I have about two years left on a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

5. That Ducati is she?!?!?

A. Absolutely stunning! I looked at the Ducati 848 Evo about three years ago, but I am usually more of a window shopper, so I never pulled the trigger. This time just happened to be perfect, and I walked out the door with a beautiful 899 Panigale. I have a 1965 Ironhead Harley named Jolene that I restored a few years, but my wife and I are having trouble naming the new girl.


6. How deep is your vinyl collection? Do you have a prize possession?

A. My vinyl collection is actually a new endeavor, so right now I only have four records. But some years back my Aunt Susie gave me her copy of the Beatles “Hard Day’s Night.” This isn’t a rare record by any means, but it was actually the first record she ever bought, so it has pretty significant meaning.

7. Where does most of your inspiration for your art come from?

A. I would say I typically find inspiration from the things associated with my childhood. I love trying to reminisce about playing with my toys, and then draw those. I prefer to draw inanimate objects, so childhood toys work great! I also enjoy mechanical things, so I like trying to figure out how to draw things that should be functional, even as cartoons.

8. What conventions do you have lined up for next year?

A. Right now I will be attending conventions in Philadelphia, Detroit, Virginia Beach, Savannah, Tahoe, and Evian France. However, I am pretty sure I will be adding a few more to that list. I took the last couple of years to slow down on doing so many conventions, but now I am ready to hit the road again!

9. Where can our fans check out more of your art?

A. The best place to see my most up to date work, be it art or tattoos, is to check out my instagram. You can find me by typing in @JeremyMiller.

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Appointment inquires please contact Jeremy here.


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