Jennica Wahl, Tattoos, The Scenery and Bye Bye Birdy

Jennica Wahl, Tattoos, The Scenery and Bye Bye Birdy

March 09, 2017

Jim from InkAddict sat down with Detroiter Jennica Wahl to discuss tattoos, her new band, and her solo project. InkAddict is excited to sponsor Jennica and her band The Scenery, and look forward to what the band has in store for the summer.

JD: How long have you been getting tattooed? Do you have one artist you go to or do you have a collection from multiple artists?

Jennica: Oh man.. I have been getting tattooed since I was 15 (ssshhh dont tell anyone ;p) . I have a collection of artists that I have gone to. I currently mainly go to Phil Newman at New Skool Tattoos and Kurt Heise at Kustom Kulture. Both of these artists are based in Michigan. My right sleeve was mostly done by Daniel Zedaker who works at Tigerlily Tattoo in Portland Oregon, but finished by Phil Newman. I've also had some small tattoos done by Romeo Lacoste in San Diego... he tattoos while on tour with bands. Rad dude.

JD: What are your two favorite tattoos? Why those two?

Jennica: My most favorite is my chest piece. It's 2 elephants with their trunks intertwined & a heart in the center to represent good fortune & love, then my son's name (Aubin) is right above them. My second favorite would be my right sleeve which represents everything I am passionate about.. Music, Family, Dance, & nature. I have the words "Live for the passion" in french throughout that piece.

JD: Before we get into talking about all the good things happening with The Scenery, You have your own solo project. Tell us about it. 

Jennica: Bye Bye Birdy. It's everything I have trouble saying.... its everything that I feel other people may have trouble saying.. & it's fully in my heart. Sometimes I write about my own hardships... but often I find myself writing a lot about other people's situations. I tend to think.. "what if I were in their shoes? How would I feel?".... and I write about it from my perspective. I haven't begun taking Bye Bye Birdy seriously until about a year ago. And even then... I've only played about 11-12 shows with these songs. Fortunately, one of those shows were at SXSW this year. I also plan to record & release more music this fall.. but in the meantime you can download my debut single for free at

JD: Recently you joined a band called The Scenery, and there seems to be a lot of hype about your progression right now. How long has the band been together? 

Jennica: The Scenery has been together for about 5 years. They formed the group in Phoenix Arizona when they were all living out there. They relocated to Los Angeles for a little bit, and then made their way back to michigan where I joined up with them (about 5 months ago). Since then, we have just been getting prepared for our release & all of our upcoming events and shows & writing even more new songs.

JD: What is your role in the band? Tell us about the rest of the band. 

Jennica: I play rhythm guitar. I'm also the "mom" of the band.... & I help out a lot with planning our events and promotions & marketing. Anthony is the lead singer.. he also plays piano.... I think him and I are the most alike. We both tend to be over-analytical & sometimes we get ahead of ourselves... but we're always trying to make things happen. Matt is the drummer.. him and anthony are brothers... he does harmonies as well. He is the one to always cracking a joke... or saying something inappropriate. Russel is the bassist...he also does harmonies... he is the one who keeps us super grounded when it comes to making right decisions.. very logical dude.... his hair will eat you. Mike is the lead guitarist.. he rules. Him and Anthony are a huge huge part of the beginning creations of the songs. Each member is so important & valuable & I think we all balance each other out well.

JD: What is your favorite song on the new album and why? 

Jennica: My favorite song would have to be "Nothing to Something"... the meaning behind (from my own perspective) it is so strongly related by other fellow musicians. I think the song is about the creation process... and how that feeling is really incomparable to any other feeling... to create something literally out of thin air.. out of nothing is truly amazing... & committing to what you believe in.... not to mention the high energy of the song and how fun it is to play.

JD: You have some exciting things happening with the band. Tell everyone what they can expect this summer. 

Jennica: Well, we are releasing our new EP that we tracked with Andrew Wade (ADTR, VEARA, VERSA EMERGE) fairly late in the summer so that doesn't leave toooo much of the summer left. We are releasing it August 4th which we are so excited about. Then, exactly a week after, on August 11th is Dirt Fest. I am personally super stoked to be a part of Dirt Fest this year especially since it'll be the first michigan show for Chiodos with their original line up. I've had a chance to get pretty close with Craig while playing his acoustic shows with him and I am stoked to see him back in action! Once dirt fest passes you can expect us to be around a lot locally until the fall. We will also be performing the Circa Survive after party at The Crofoot on October 21st.

JD: Where can people find more about the band? 

Jennica: They can download our first single of our new EP for free at or they can visit our Facebook page. We also have a twitter @thescenerymusic

JD: You have been a InkAddict model, a supporter, and now a sponsored band for the company. What are your thoughts on the companies progress throughout the past two years?

Jennica: Its really really awesome to know that InkAddict is progressing at the pace they are. I see the company's clothing everywhere! I bartend at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac and it never fails to see someone rockin an InkAddict item at every show. Makes me feel good to know that I am a part of something so awesome ran by people who are equally as passionate about what they do as I am about what I do. It just fits right.... in more ways than one. ;p

JD: What is your favorite ia shirt? 

Jennica: My favorite one is the Kraken tank. The cut is perfect and the material is so soft. And the design is so bad ass. Can't go wrong with a brutal sea monster in my favorite color (SEAFOAM!). Be sure to check out all of InkAddict's unique tattoo shirts and ink clothing.

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