Jeremy Cupp: The Roots of His Custom Bikes

Jeremy Cupp: The Roots of His Custom Bikes

March 13, 2017

Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention this weekend but we'll also be cruising to Chicago for the Progress International Motorcycle Show. Two weekends ago at our first Progressive Motorcycle Show we had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrications and instantly hit it off. We were blown away by his builds and are excited to meet up again this weekend in Chicago. It's clear to see that Jeremy is dedicated and passionate to his art so here is a recent conversation that digs deeper into how he started his creative endeavors.

1_BlogDividers My Grandfather was a welder, as a kid I'd see him cutting and grinding, really putting in a hard days work to feed his family. It also Impressed me that he was able to make nearly anything he needed from some old junk he'd find laying around, he was just a hard assed do anything self-sufficient man. I never had any question as to whether id go to college or the shop....whether there is a better way or not, this is to me the right way.

2_BlogDividers That one is easy, Hank Young. He always had such a vintage class to his work, in the days when easter egg paint jobs, gaudy chrome, and huge rear tires were cool....he stood out as the guy who wasn't chasing some fad, but doing what he had inside of him.


3_BlogDividers Id say the newest one, seven. normally when i finish a bike all I can see is room for improvement, but this on satisfies me. I started numbering the high end art project sort of bikes years ago, this is the seventh one. When time came to pick a name, I didn't want to overshadow the meaning behind that number, so it is called seven..the number of completion

4_BlogDividers I usually start with a basic idea, a style or shape. Ill start by selecting the engine and wheels, and let it flow from there, sometimes ending up with something completely different than what I thought I was going to build. Its weird, almost as if the designs come more from my subconscious than the conscious.

6_BlogDividers I think that they are both an art form, and a way to express your own individuality, so its natural that these personality types would be into both. and then they both make you look like a badass whether you really are or not haha

5_BlogDividers I think logos and whatnot are kind of cheesy, but I do have a lot that are inspired by tools and work.



Hiking the Blue ridge with my wife and kids. I work about 80 hrs a week, so my riding happens on the way to work and then back home...and any time left over gets spent with them.


we have created an artificial environment, air conditioning, phony tv people, radio crowding your head with foolishness, water is purified and in plastic bottles, hand sanitizer, strawberry flavoring instead of planting actual the dirt. this pushes people further into a sort of false reality where we lose touch with humanity, love and community are lost for candy crush and call of duty. Riding a motorcycle allows you to travel in the world, rather than through it. when its rains you get wet, you can smell the grass being mowed and fell the wind in your i think it does something mentally, even spiritually that we'd otherwise have no idea that a simple means of transportation can.


Honestly, I don't do customer bikes and thats why. I build what i build and sell them when i'm done. The way i see it, if I'm going to do something that I don't want to do simply to get just as soon go to some factory where i can come home after 8 hours.


I have a website where I also sell a line of bolt on parts that I manufacture. also as Jeremy Cupp or lcfabrications on FB and @lcfabrications on instagram



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