Murals in the Market - Leave Your Mark on The Streets

Murals in the Market - Leave Your Mark on The Streets

March 13, 2017

What kind of impact are you having on the world around you? Are you leaving a positive mark on the lives of the people you encounter?   InkAddict believes that we should all strive to leave a positive mark in this world. This is  why we have created a lifestyle brand that encourages a positive and creative tattoo culture that is safe, fun, and full of new and exciting artists. We literally wear our art on our sleeves and use colors and shapes to tell the story of our lives, our loves, and our experiences. Tattoo artists use skin to make their mark on this world and when they do they create art that lasts a lifetime.

Graffiti and street artists leave their mark throughout the cities that they paint over, but unfortunately their work doesn't usually last as long. Street art is very powerful art. It is usually one of the best ways to learn the true story of a city. When you look at the art that is being painted on the walls around the city of Detroit, you get a glimpse inside what is happening in this community. The city has made a name for itself within the art and street art communities and the world is taking notice.  Well known artists from around the globe are coming here to work with our local artists and all of us are reaping the benefits of this new resurgence of creative talent.  


In fact, this weekend forty new murals were unveiled around the Eastern Market in Detroit. The Interstate Gallery and 1Xrun teamed up with national and local artists to create Murals in the Market which featured 40 local and national artists leaving their mark on the city of Detroit. Each artist was given free reign to create something that was important and meaningful to them and the results are mind blowing. It's inspiring to see local talent and national talent come together to leave such a huge, positive mark on our city.   The list of artists that were involved include some local favorites like Michelle Tanguay, Fel3000ft ( who is also a tattoo artist, go figure), Zack Meers, and Sydney James, alongside national favorites like Askew, Persue, and Shark Toof. Each mural has its own distinct look and feel, just like each tattoo.


An amazing local photographer named Sal Rodriguez was asked to document the process from start to finish. InkAddict has had the honor of working with Sal Rod in the past for various projects including a t-shirt design (featured below), so we reached out to get the inside scoop on the show and a few shots of the work that is on the walls of the city. Sal has dedicated a lot of his time and energy to documenting the Detroit art and graffiti scene as it has grown. He is the go to authority on Detroit street art, we are honored to have worked with him in the past and hope that we will again in the future. His photos document works of art that may only exist for a day or two and his work tells the story of other artists, it's very powerful. Check out his shots and head out to the Eastern Market to see the work for yourselves.

Tee Available only at the Flagship store in Ferndale, MI

The murals will remain in the market for now, but may soon be painted over when the next round of artists come to cover our city in art. The artists all have work up for sale at the Interstate Gallery for the next few weeks. 1Xrun will also be doing limited prints of some of the artists’ work, you can look at it and order it online here. The gallery is located at 1410 Gratiot Avenue and the art is all over.    Get out, get inspired and figure out how you're going to leave your mark.

Soto X Maxx


Miss Van

Jesse Kassel

Hannah Stouffer

Ellen Rutt

Brian Lacey

22007 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, Michigan 48220

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