Second Hand Choppers

Second Hand Choppers

March 13, 2017


As far back as I can remember I would watch my mother working at her bench at work as a dental technician. It was insane how many hand tools she had to perform her job. My mother was a single parent so I was always at her lab with her. When I got older I would sit at the bench next to her and start creating things as well as watching the time and effort she put into her work. I look back now and realize I am doing the same thing she did. I sit at my bench and create. It’s an amazing feeling that’s hard to explain or to put into words.


When I first started I was using left over parts from watches I could not repair or sell. When I realized how much I loved making art with the parts I began buying more movements. First I bought a lot of pocket watches and any old movements I could locate. I saw the history and details in all of the movements. It’s amazing what details you can find in older movements. I've stopped buying as much as I did before since I started to incorporated other vintage items I could get my hands on.


It would have to be the latest build I collaborated on with a fellow artist Devin Cahow. It was a sponsored build for Craftsman tools. We built a six foot octopus out of broken tools. It was amazing to be sponsored. As an artist it is hard to find unique and different material to work with and the broken tools made for quite an adventurous build.


I hope this coming year to build a full size chopper as artwork. I want to build one that people would look at and find as many little details as possible. I’m trying to get into making larger pieces.


I have two tattoos that were done by Joe Spino of Rise Above Tattoo. One tattoo is a logo and the other is a rat rod I had made out of a Zippo lighter.


Being a stay at home Dad to our 11 month old daughter. I love when I'm asked what I do for a living. I say I am a full-time stay at home dad and part time artist.


I do take custom orders and can make replicas. The best way to contact me is through email at


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