Suzy's Story

Suzy's Story

March 13, 2017


Meet Suzy Mizinski, a 32 year old Michigan native and long time member of the InkAddict family. Suzy was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer June of 2014 and she is one of the 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. Over half of those survivors, including Suzy, have had a mastectomy to help ensure their survival.

Many of the women who undergo these mastectomies decide to turn to reconstructive surgery after they win the fight. Unfortunately, a lot of these women don’t realize that tattoos are also an option.

Last year InkAddict teamed up with P.INK and Inked Magazine to raise awareness about mastectomy tattoos. The goal was to select a breast cancer survivor and help her reclaim a sense of control long after a mastectomy while spreading awareness that tattoos are an option after a mastectomy.

On November 7th we will have live updates of Suzy’s tattoo procedure by internationally acclaimed tattoo artist Kyle Cotterman.  #SuzysStory

A very special thank you to Iron Images LLC for video coverage.


Suzy discusses more details of her diagnosis, treatment, mastectomy surgery, and recovery.


Suzy discusses her family history, her first experience with cancer, BRCA testing, and how the people in her life helped her find the silver lining in one of her darkest times.


After we sat down with Suzy for the interview we got to talking on how everything went, what's for dinner, and things like that. During our chat, Suzy had the realization that she hadn't made a point about her hair loss. "Losing my hair was honestly one of the hardest things that I have ever done." Suzy had made it apparent that dealing with her hair loss, on top of the other physical and psychological changes she underwent, really impacted her idea of self expression and identity. It was important for Suzy and us to relay that message so we set back up and captured the segment below.


Like Suzy said, cancer is a BIG word with a lot of different meanings influencing people's lives in many different ways. Let Suzy's story inspire you to tell your own or to discuss how someones diagnosis has impacted your life. When dealing with any difficult task, knowledge can be a very significant tool to help persevere and jump those hurdles. So share Suzy's story, share your story, and comment below to unite the tattoo community and spread awareness through a personal perspective. #SuzysStory

If you are interested in receiving next years tattoo or would like to nominate someone please share your story. If you feel more comfortable keeping your story private or would like to keep the nomination a secret please email your story to


Originally Published: Wed, 14 Oct 2015 18:20:19

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