Tattoos Aren't Just for Villains Anymore: Comic Book Characters and Their Ink

Tattoos Aren't Just for Villains Anymore: Comic Book Characters and Their Ink

March 10, 2017

As tattoos have become more a part of mainstream society and culture, the trend has affected the world of superheroes and villains, tattoo culture no longer finding its representation limited to gimmick characters like Tattooed Man or others who are solely defined by their tattoos. Instead, we find characters whose tattoos are simply a part of who they are, not solely rooted in their powers or what those powers represent.

Here is a list of some tattooed characters in the Marvel/DC multiverse you may not be familiar with or may also know and love.

Roulette (Veronica Sinclair)

A character of the DC universe, this dragon wrapped villain controls her own fight club circuit and pits kidnapped superheroes who she has manipulated into fighting one another in favor of monetary gain for herself.

Loa (Alani Ryan)

A student at the Xavier Institute who can distort the molecular structure of her body to disable or escape from detaining forces, the markings on this character of the Marvel universe are source of speculation as it is never clearly defined whether her red tribal markings are tattoos or some sort of birth marking, though they are a part of her skin.

Nuke (Frank Simpson)

Another character of the Marvel universe, Nuke is a psychologically damaged veteran of the Vietnam war who underwent the same program that Captain America was put through to create another super soldier. This resulted in a fanatical and mentally unstable super soldier sporting an American flag tattooed across his face who runs black ops missions for the government and often clashes with Captain America and Wolverine.

Starling (Evelyn Crawford)

A member of the Birds of Prey, this highly adept strategist and combatant in the DC universe sports an entire sleeve of both traditional and post-modern tattoos on her left arm.

Gentle (Nezhno Abidemi)

A pacifistic yet ultimately powerful student of the Jean Grey School for Learning in the Marvel universe, Gentle has the potential to reach levels of unstoppable power. So much so, that he has an aversion to violence and rage. To control himself, he meditates often as well as keeping his power contained within his body through vibranium tattoos, the same material Captain America's shield was made from.  


Daken is the son of Wolverine, driven towards resentment of his father and the X-Men by Romulus, who abducted Daken as an infant. Covered in various tribal tattoos, Daken has spent much of his time as "Dark Wolverine" in the Dark Avengers. Eventually, he is shown the truth of his father and his own origin by Charles Xavier and he forgives Wolverine.

Were you familiar with most of these characters on this list? We would like to know who some of your favorite tattooed comic heroes and villains are that you would have like to have seen added to this list.

Article Written by Nick Holland

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Originally Published: Mon, 18 May 2015 15:51:27

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