Trust Your Artist Series: Justin Fults

Trust Your Artist Series: Justin Fults

March 19, 2017

"After being tattooed for 18 years with over a 100 hours of work on my body I’ve heard a lot while sitting in the shops and walking around the conventions. While no two artists are the same I think we’ve all heard a few of the same phrases over and over, no matter what shop we’re sitting in. “Keep it clean” and “stay out of the sun” are among these signature words of advice that helped inspire me while creating this new collection."

- Nathan Martin Co-Owner of InkAddict

TRUST YOUR ARTIST. You see it all the time. Either you or someone you know will want to get a tattoo, and you start thinking of all the things you'd like it to look like, but then go to an artist, and you guys may not share the same vision. The thing about getting great tattoos, despite what some may think, is the fact that your artist is the professional. 

They know what colors look great with what, how the designs are going to streamline together, and how it will heal and wear over time. In the "Trust Your Artist" series, InkAddict will bring you some of the leading artists, with the best instructions, and best advice, coming straight from the artists themselves. 

We took a moment to have a sit down with Justin Fults, who helped us design a new series for our Spring '17 line on some of his best tips, tricks, and advice on tattooing, trusting your artist, and how to research an artist. 

InkAddict: You designed this tee for us so tell us why it is important to "Trust Your Artist"?

Justin Fults: It is important to trust the artist you are working with because the tattoo experience should be a collaboration. The artist should be able to take a client’s idea and make it come to life. That is where the trust between artist and client is crucial because the client may have a picture in their head of how the tattoo should look, but ultimately they should leave most of the design aspects to the tattoo artist as far as placement, style, and colors because they know what will look best. Ultimately, it is always best to do your research and have a consultation before deciding on a tattoo artist because both parties should feel comfortable and be on the same page.

InkAddict: What tips would you give to someone about researching an artist?

Justin Fults: First figure out the style or just overall "look" you're going for then start trying to find people that tattoo like that. Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms are a great place to start your search. When you find an artist that interests you, send them a message, call the tattoo shop, or go in to meet with them. You will want to see if both of you will be able to work out your ideas together and get a sketch drawn up. Trust and first impressions do weigh heavily in the final decision for the client. So when looking you want to definitely vibe with the artist and just have an overall sense of comfort when it comes to your potential artist.

InkAddict: What is the first thing you tell your client after tattooing them?

Justin Fults: The first thing I always tell my clients after the tattoo is the care instructions. It is so important to listen and follow the care instructions your artist gives you because you don't want to waste all that time and money on getting an amazing piece of artwork to have it heal like crap.

InkAddict: What is your favorite style of tattooing?

Justin Fults: I prefer doing my twist on American Traditional. I say my twist because I don't really follow all the rules, sometimes a tattoo just needs teal! I have recently come to really like the abstract watercolor style. I do however fall on my traditional background and use black in those tattoos to help give it structure.

To check out the "Trust Your Artist" items, click the images below:

Here at InkAddict, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best information and insider knowledge from the experts. With that in mind we present the Trust Your Artist series where we’ll dig deep with our favorite artists to get their opinion on specific techniques, how to best care for your tattoos, and everything in between. Make sure to keep coming back once a month for new artist features. We know you’ve spent hours with your favorite artists, so let us hear it, and tell us the words of advice that your artist lives by in the form below!

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