Trust Your Artist Series: German Ferreiroa

Trust Your Artist Series: German Ferreiroa

October 09, 2017

This week we sat down with German Ferreiroa of The Ink Factory in Dublin, Ireland to talk about his new 'InkAddict Blood' design for the IA Fall Line, his journey in tattooing, and the difference between designing a tattoo, vs designing a t-shirt.

1) How did you come up with this design?

I used the concept of the name of the brand "InkAddict", so I came up with this guy that died of ink overdose! Haha and when they open his head the only thing they found was ink! Weird... but I like that

2) How would you describe your tattooing style?

Using the traditional tattooing techniques I found my own personal style involving weird stuff and a lot of male gay art.


3) Did you always want to be a tattooer? How did you get into the industry?

I was always interested in tattoos since I was very young. Then, after finishing school I went to college and that same year I started tattooing. Of course, I fell in love more and more with tattooing so I quit college and I left my country to travel and learn more about this amazing profession, and to be a better artist.

4) How different is the process of designing a t-shirt, vs designing a tattoo?
The difference is that the t-shirt can't talk, so it can't complain...

5) When you're not tattooing, what do you do for fun?
When I'm not tattooing I like to relax, have a few beers, and during my days off I like to prepare new designs, so even when I'm not at the shop I still drawing and creating.

6) How do you work with your clients to come up with a unique design?

I like to have consultations with my customer, and I always try to get to a point where both of us are happy. It's nice when people trust you and come looking for you because you can feel free to do your own thing and have a nice result


7) How did you hear about InkAddict?
We have a lot of guest artists coming to the shop all the time, and a lot of artists from America wear clothes from InkAddict. That's how I was introduced to the brand.

8) What's your #1 piece of advice for new clients?

To do good research before you get your tattoo so you can choose the perfect artist for you. Don't go to a random place without checking portfolios first!



Find German at:
The Ink Factory
15 Wellington Quay, Dublin Ireland
Instagram: @gerfer_tattoo


Get $5 off your order when you purchase one of the 'Blood' shirts. Use code 'GerFerxIA'. Promotion ends 10-8-17 at 11:59 est.









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