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15 Totally Tight Tattoo Trends for 2023

by Content Team on Jun 22, 2023

Tattoo Trends for 2023

Maybe you’re a trend follower, or maybe you like to stand out by defying the trends. You do you. But we’ll admit, the trends of 2023 have earned their status for good reason. New techniques have begun to blend with old-school classics and we are here for it. And while just about anything goes these days, artists are seeing a significant rise in popularity in many distinct areas.

We hope this round up of the hottest trends of 2023 will inspire your next tattoo:

1. Custom Designs

Who wouldn’t want a tattoo that no one else in the world has? You can design your own, ask a family member or friend to design it for you, or work with your artist to develop a piece all your own.

2. Geometric Fine Line

From tiny triangles to sleeves of shapes, those fine line geometric tattoos are continuing to climb the popularity charts. This style works great for both simple designs and intricate patterns and details.

3. Nature-Inspired

We love the amount of meaning that can be packed into something as simple as a flower, a tree, or a landscape. Nature-inspired tattoos beautifully highlight the unique and personal connection people have with the earth.

4. Abstract

Nothing draws attention (and questions) quite like an abstract, out-of-the-box tatt, and it’s a rad way to showcase your tastes and personality, along with the talent of your artist. If an abstract tattoo is calling your name, make sure you find an artist with plenty of experience with this kind of art. Because these designs lack the lines and structure of their traditional counterparts, it takes some wicked skill to be able to execute this one successfully.

5. The Sticker Look

Did that one little arm tattoo somehow turn into 10? No worries, it’s a thing now. The sticker look is made up of smaller, often minimalist tattoos that together form a sleeve (one that kind of resembles the last page in those sticker books you used to get as a kid). This is a great option for those who want a sleeve without the commitment. Stickers can be added one at a time and won’t require a several hour session. Bonus points if the stickers blend well. The goal is for each tattoo to come together to create a unique and cohesive vibe all your own.

6. Minimalist

Minimalist, or micro-tattoos, have been hot for the last few years, and we don’t think they’ll cool down anytime soon. These usually use a single needle and color, and are smaller and easier to hide. If you want to experiment with a design that’s a little more “out there” but don’t want the commitment of a giant UFO covering your entire left bicep, the minimalist tattoo might be for you.

7. Ignorant Tattoos

Made popular by street-artist-turned-tattoo-artist Fuzi, the ignorant style tattoo is similar to a minimalist design in that it is typically all black with simple lines and no shading. They got their unique name for their DIY, done-at-home look and are typically humorous pieces resembling simple graffiti or cartoons.

8. Micro Realism

These little guys have really taken off this year. Basically, a micro-realistic piece is a realistic-looking tattoo design on a smaller scale, and usually includes lots of color and detail.

9. Hand Poke

Typically reserved for minimalist pieces, this technique, also known as stick and poke, involves the artist inserting the needle into the skin by hand without a tattoo gun. Hand poke tatts give a fun, bare bones, no fuss kind of vibe and we’re all about it.

10. The Tramp Stamp

We’ve got TikTok to thank for bringing back this 90’s classic, and for helping make it a little less taboo. Gone is the judgment surrounding those sneaky lower back tattoos (except maybe from grandma). Up and coming designs for tattoos in this region are much classier than the stereotype suggests. Is a lower back tatt calling your name? We say go for it.

11. Watercolor

These designs are so bright and fresh you’ll look like you just came back from a sip and paint with the ladies and you were the canvas. Because of their unique designs and intricate, multi-colored shading, this kind of ink calls for an expert on the watercolor technique, so make sure you do your research.

12. Anime

Sure, anime has been popular for what feels like forever, but anime tattoos are just starting to catch up. ‘Bout time. If your Instagram profile pic is an anime character, this one is definitely for you.

13. Micro Hearts

They’re cute. They’re tiny. They can’t help but bring a smile to your face. They’re micro-hearts. Need we say more?

14. Animals

Animal lovers everywhere are having their heyday with this growing trend. Keep your favorite furry friend with you long after they’re gone by permanently branding that precious face to your skin. Glean daily inspiration from an image of your spirit animal (or Patronus for you Potterheads). Go minimal, abstract, realistic or watercolor, the options are endless.

15. Cultural

Honor your heritage with a culturally-inspired design. From ancient viking symbols to a spray of lotuses, there are tons of uniquely personal ways to pay respects to your roots.

It’s safe to say we’re digging 2023’s tattoo trends, and are stoked about where they’re heading. Whether you opt for a minimalist geometric piece, a stunning watercolor, or stock up on your favorite style tattoo tees, you can’t go wrong with these designs and techniques. Which trend has you ready for your next ink?

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