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7 Rad Lessons From The Inked Community

by Content Team on Sep 05, 2023

Rad Lessons From The Inked Community

As cultural stigmas and stereotypes surrounding tattoos and those who rock them continue to fade into the past, it’s time to ask ourselves just what we can learn from these awesome individuals. You’ve heard the saying that behind every tattoo is an epic story. We’d like to raise it one and say that behind every tattoo is a lesson. So, grab yourself a cold one, grab a seat at the imaginary bar top, sit back, and soak up the wisdom just waiting to be gleaned from those who wear their stories on their skin.

1. Don’t judge a book by its cover (or a dude by his ink).

We all remember that one time our mom pulled us a little closer when a heavily tatted dude walked by. And while we can’t fault moms for being a little extra protective, it’s time to realize that sleeves and a Harley don’t necessarily spell trouble (at least, not in the “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” kind of way).

In our experience, more tatts are often an indicator of a deeply sentimental individual. These guys (and gals) are incredibly loyal, protective, and down to earth. Some are doctors, some are teachers, engineers, politicians, or preachers. So, try striking up a conversation before making that first impression judgment.

2. Your standards come before everybody else’s.

There’s something to be said about someone who defies cultural trends and standards and paves their own way. It’s easy to do what everyone else is doing. Daring to be different is the not-so-easy path, but it’s definitely the path worth taking.

Those sleeves might not meet grandma’s standards, but that’s ok. You’ll respect yourself more by setting and meeting your own personal standards first. And when you respect yourself, others will learn to as well. Not everyone will like every piece of art you adorn your body with. Don’t sweat it. If you love it, that’s literally all that matters.

3. Not everything has to have meaning.

Some tattoos are incredibly meaningful to the individual. But that doesn’t mean that every tattoo must be chock full of sentiment. Some come from rolling the dice or a blind draw. Some are just for fun. Some are the result of an artist getting a green light to do what they do best. Maybe instead of asking “what does it mean?” we should start asking “what’s the story?” Now there’s a conversation.

4. You can embrace new experiences without fear.

Close your eyes and go back to that heart-pounding, pulse-racing, second-guessing moment just before you went under the needle for the first time. Now fast forward to walking out of that parlor on cloud nine sporting bandages and the proof in ink that facing your fears leads to the best kind of high. That first tattoo experience translates well to all of life’s new experiences. The going in might be scary AF, but coming out the other side on top of the world makes it all worth it.

5. Life isn’t about money.

“Too bad you didn’t put that money in a savings fund instead.” If you’ve spent any decent amount of money on your ink, you’ve probably gotten a comment like that from a well-meaning but missing-their-filter relative. And while that might have made a nice little nest egg, you traded it for some rad self-expression and a conversation piece that’ll last forever. Ask any tatted individual you meet, and they’ll likely all tell you the same thing: “Life’s about the experience, not the money.”

6. Pain doesn’t last forever.

Whether emotional or physical, pain is something everyone faces. Those with tattoos know that pain is temporary, no matter what form it takes. In the moment, it might seem like it will never end. It might last longer than you’d expect, dig deeper than you want, and hurt harder than you’d think. But even the worst, most unbearable pain has to reach its end.

Enduring pain might be the last thing you’d intentionally choose to do, but it builds character, grit, and provides an opportunity for you to help others through their pain when you come out the other side. And sometimes, pain is the ingredient necessary to create something beautiful.

7. Life’s what you make it.

Tatted folks think of their skin as a clean slate, and they view life in the same way. Life is a create-your-own-masterpiece kind of experience. Your choices, beliefs, and individual characteristics create the unique individual that is you. Embrace what makes you one-of-a-kind. Play the cards you’ve been dealt, mix that lemonade, grab a chocolate from the box, and make the most of life while you can. And while you’re at it, you might as well get another tattoo.

For many, their tatts are a part of who they are and how they live. If you’ve always wanted one but were never quite sure you wanted to take the plunge, we recommend tattoo lifestyle clothing. Wearing your favorite artistic styles is a great first step to finding your personal style and how to express it through tattoo art.

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