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A Moment With Heidi Lavon

by InkAddict Admin on Dec 17, 2018

A Moment With Heidi Lavon
You've seen her online and at conventions, and now you can wear her everywhere you go. We sat down with Heidi Lavon to get the scoop on her life and modeling career, and what it's like to be the latest collaborator in our Model series. 

IA: Hey Heidi! First things first, how long have you been modeling?

Heidi Lavon: For the last 10 years or so, but more seriously for the last 4-5 years. 
I never thought I'd be doing what I do now. I've always been the silly "entertainer" kid with my friends. I remember putting together a whole choreographed dance to the song "Barbie girl" with my sister and I had the "Ace Ventura walk" on lock. So I thought id be doing something more in television because I'm both outspoken and ridiculous simultaneously lol. Who knows what will happen in the next 5-10 years, but so far I'm liking it. 

IA: How did you get into modeling?

Heidi: When I was living in Phoenix at 18, I hung out a lot with the skate rats and BMX kids. They all seemed to have fancy cameras for all the stunt work they'd do. They asked me if they could take my picture and that kinda started it all. For fun at firsties, then more serious later on. I only had one real visible tattoo at the time which was on my chest. 

IA: That leads to the next question: Which came first - tattoos, or modeling?

Heidi: I had a total of 3 tattoos when I started having my photo taken. A giant pirate ship on my back, a frozen heart in flames on my chest, and a crappy Jason Voorhees hockey mask on my outer right thigh which is now definitely covered up with a giant black panther. When I moved to Oregon, that's when I started to get more tattoos. Tattoos that were actually good haha! So I'd say they both happened at the same time.

IA: You're also a hair stylist, how do you find time to do both?

Heidi: I worked in a few independent salons, and corporate for about 10 years before finally working for myself 100% almost 3 years ago.

Let's just say life is SO much easier now that I work for myself. The best advice I could give anyone in the beauty industry is to work for someone else BRIEFLY just to gain better time management skills and gain experience before going out on your own. 

I definitely could have gone out on my own a LOT sooner. I didn't realize how ready I was until I actually made the big move. It was FREEING.

Because I've been doing this for so long. I've been able to gain quite a nice following and clientele in the process, so I went from working 5+ days a week in the salon to working 2 days. Sometimes ONE day even. I like to stack everyone up in one or two days that way I have more time off to do whatever else I want to focus on like content creation, my fitness, photography, travel, Netflix and chill.

Priorities people. 

IA: Who is one tattoo artist you don't have tattoos by, but you wish you did?
Heidi: There are so many amazing artists honestly. Kind of tough! Carl Grace is dope. l love how saturated his black and grey work is. 

IA: What was your most painful tattoo?
Heidi: My fingers SUCKED. My back SUCKED. I think it all sucks. I hate getting tattooed but I am convinced everyone looks better naked if they're tattooed. It's body decor am I right? I want to finish my back really bad, although I'm dreading it.

IA: Do you have any funny tattoo stories?

Heidi: Ain't nothing funny about getting tattooed. Unless its a funny tattoo of course then maybe there's some laughing involved. Otherwise, pain :/

This one time I got my outer calf tattooed while at an expo. I drank tons of beer to try and dull the pain. I went back to the hotel and stopped at Taco Bell on the way. I woke up in the middle of the night to the throbbing pain of my new tattoo AND I was covered in and surrounded by Taco Bell everywhere, Cheese in my bra yall. #tbellforever

IA: How did you create the photo on the tee? Who took it/where/when?

Heidi: I was talking with IA for a while before it actually happened so I had some time to plan and prepare. 

Waited til I had the undies/bralette to actually take the final product images.

Photos were taken by James Ramsey in our photo studio/shop.

VERY convenient being able to content create with my significant other! Truth be told I like having James tell me jokes while were shooting so my facial expressions stay honest and not forced. 

I realize now the most as someone who photographs other people that if the face ain't right, then you don't have a successful image.

The face brings it all together, so RELAX the mouth and just have fun! :)


IA: Where can people find you?

Heidi: My official website is undergoing a facelift right now heidilavon.com Otherwise you can catch me on Instagram @Heidi Lavon or on Youtube ETC! :)

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