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Get Your 1 On 1 With Tattooed Model Jessica Wilde

by Amy Cooper on Mar 15, 2017

Get Your 1 On 1 With Tattooed Model Jessica Wilde

Knock using social media all you want, sometimes within the right hands, it could land you a gig you'd never dream of doing. That is how we were blessed with the beauty that is Jessica Wilde Jessica happened to be using social media quite a bit and landed a cover shoot with Inked Magazine, which goes to show that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. This is why she's been on not only one, but two babe-licious tees that InkAddict has produced. 

And while dudes swoon over Jessica's dangerously good looks - the females can take some inspiration from Ms. Wilde. While scoping her Instagram, we came to find a before and after photo of Jessica. No tattoos, wedding dress, and what she calls "heavier," compared to her "now look."

When asked, she shared that being "Married too young and realizing that you are going to be 21 and divorced can really light a fire under your ass to lose some weight." Though that sentiment will not be for everyone, it gives us females a little hope that we could still be as bombastic as Jessica if they work at it. 

Considering that Jessica also does modeling workshops now, on top of her inspiring backstory, she says that 3 things that new models need to keep in their arsenal are to be doing something with your hands at all times, liven up your eyes, and (my personal favorite) -  "the more awkward feeling the pose is the better it probably looks!"

Obviously her tricks work for her, which is why she's featured on a new shirt we're offering! While having people all over the world wearing Jessica's face on their shirt, she still sees her first Inked Photoshoot that was in the pin-up style to be her favorite of all time.  

"It's the beginning of my journey and the styling was so extravagant." That probably lends her feelings toward being Brunette as her classic favorite, which she's rocking in that shoot.

In addition to being on multiple shirts, she also is pretty prolific on her YouTube channel. Out of all her videos, her favorite happens to be "Baking With Jess" - in which she decided to smoke "an uncomfortably large amount of weed" and attempt to bake Cupcakes - which is honestly pretty hysterical. Judging how Martha Stewart is hanging out with Snoop Dogg now, I think she wouldn't be too disappointed, Jessica! 

VIDEO: "Baking With Jess"

On top of all the other things Jessica is capable of, she runs a sex column in Inked Magazine called "Wilde About Sex." The funny part - is that many men inbox her to ask her relationship advice. "It's really quite remarkable how little men know about the female mind sometimes. It's nice that I can give a different spin on things and perhaps help someone out in the process of making myself laugh."

It's obvious to see whether plain faced, glammed up, in print or in person why everyone's addicted to Jessica Wilde! And if you can't get enough, you can catch up with Jessica at the MUSINK Tattoo Fest or the Golden State Tattoo Expo as well as checking TheWildeSpot.com for her upcoming events. Or, there's that whole "wearing her on your chest" thing with the newest shirt, Jessica Wilde II

Amy Cooper is a photographer and journalist from the Detroit area, interested in ink, music, and lifestyle. Drop her a line on social media at @acronymdetroit!

Originally Published: Fri, 10 Mar 2017 03:09:01

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