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Common Tattoo Myths

by Meg Wisinski on Sep 10, 2021

Common Tattoo Myths


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1. Tattoos Are Incredibly Painful

While it is true that some tattoos are uncomfortable and can be more painful depending on the sensitive area getting tattooed. However, if tattooing was that painful not as many people would get it done. Tattoo pain can also vary from person to person depending on one’s tolerance level. If you are nervous, start with a small tattoo or research a specific area on the body you want a tattoo done.

2. Alcohol or Painkillers Ease the Pain
MYTH! It is a very bad idea to consume alcohol or various painkillers thinking you are going to feel numb to the ‘pain’ in a tattoo session. Some alcohol and painkillers act as a blood thinner and when you are getting inked, you will bleed a little bit. This could result in you feeling very lightheaded and possibly passing out during your appointment. A safe option could be to research some numbing creams that tattoo artists frequently use if you are nervous.
3. Blood Donation
Yes, you can donate blood if you have tattoos! The only factor is that there is a certain duration one must wait after getting a new tattoo before they can donate blood. In the U.S there are still 13 states that make you ineligible up to a full year after getting a tattoo. Regardless, if a person meets all the requirements to give blood + has tattoos, donate away! 
4. Tattoos Need to Have Meaning
There is a common misconception that people need meaning behind their tattoos to justify it. There is no need to have a reason behind your tattoo besides the fact that you wanted it and you got it. Many people get tattoos because it has a symbolic meaning to them and many get them simply because they wanted to. Tattoo art is subjective and all that matters is what you think of it. Whatever tattoo you decide upon, it helps keep the tattoo industry a very interesting and inclusive culture.  
5. Tattoos Are a Large Health Concern
There are many laws requiring tattoo shops to meet health and safety guidelines with the use of needles. In short, tattoos are not necessarily a large health concern. Now, we aren’t saying this is not possible. Anytime you break the skin you are more prone to infection and could even have an allergic reaction to the ink being used. Many artists have transitioned to using organic ink. It’s important to make sure you are booking with an artist that follows all of the health and safety protocols, you can even follow up on what type of ink an artist uses if you have sensitive skin.

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