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How to maintain the vibrancy of tattoos over time?

by Content Team on Apr 25, 2023

Michaelle Fiore

Tattoos are an expensive investment, displayed on your skin, likely for a long time. You don’t want to see your unique design lose vibrancy, color, or fine-line details over time. These tattoo enthusiasts discuss the steps to preserve your tattoo design’s longevity.

Ubaldo Perez Jr.

Ubaldo Perez Jr.

CEO of .

Don’t Wear Tight-Fitting Clothes Over a New Tattoo, and Follow Aftercare Instructions Strictly

The first few weeks while a tattoo is healing are critical to maintaining its detail, color, and vibrancy. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes over a new tattoo, submerge it in water, or fail to follow aftercare instructions. If you weather the healing time correctly, tattoo care becomes a matter of routine sunscreen and moisturizer. Your skin health will always reflect in your tattoos. Protect your skin from UV damage and drying out by applying UV protection and moisturizer regularly.

That said, tattoos fade over time due to various factors, no matter how hard you try to preserve them. Our skin keeps aging and growing, and our tattoos reflect our journeys. Getting a touch-up is extremely common for regular customers and folks in the tattoo community and can help you maintain the look and vibrancy you want.

Joe Manktelow-Pimm

Joe Manktelow-Pimm


Use A High-SPF Sunblock and Follow Aftercare for Proper Healing

Firstly, sun protection is crucial to keeping tattoos vibrant. The sun's rays can fade and damage the tattoo ink. So, whenever you're out, it's a good idea to keep your tattoo covered or use a high-SPF sunblock.

Secondly, moisturizing is key. Tattoos essentially are skin deep, and keeping your skin hydrated will help maintain the brightness of the tattoo. Use a moisturizer free from alcohol and fragrances to prevent irritation.

Another critical aspect is the healing process right after you get a tattoo. Following the tattoo artist's advice regarding cleaning and protection during this period is essential for ensuring the tattoo's longevity.

You should also consider getting occasional touch-ups. Over time, even the best cared-for tattoos can fade. A professional touch-up can restore your tattoo to its original vibrancy. Remember, tattoos are investments in body art that require mindful care to stay looking their best.

Michaelle Fiore

Michaelle Fiore

Tattoo Artist at .

Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure, and Always Moisturize and Hydrate

The best way to guarantee that your tattoos hold up well over time is to avoid direct sunlight. Having the tattoo covered up from the sun will avoid excessive fading early on. In addition to avoiding the sun, sunblock when covering is another way to maintain vibrancy over time. Additionally, having the area moisturized and making sure you are hydrated are other necessary habits to practice to have your permanent body art look its best. The better you treat your body and skin, the better your tattoo will stand the test of time!

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