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Ink Experience: Apparel As Unique As You Are.

by Tobi Vehrs on Feb 02, 2018

Ink Experience: Apparel As Unique As You Are.

Every InkAddict is as unique as the tattoos on their skin. We believe your apparel should reflect your individuality, so we created ‘INK Experience’ - our top selling designs with a unique twist. 

Customizable Options

Now when you shop on InkAddict.com, you have more options than ever for a uniquely customizable shopping experience. No matter what category you select on the site, you’ll notice multiple ways you can refine your selection to ensure you receive the exact item you envisioned. You’re now able to refine your selection based on Type, Garment Type, Garment Color, Print Color, Design, Size, and/or Price.



You Spoke, We Listened

We took our best-selling items from the last 5 years and made them better than ever. Now you can select designs you love, in a variety of garment style, colors, and print colors, determined by you! Celebrate the current season, local sports team colors, event colors, or any other color profile that fits your life. 

Customizable options include original INK, INK 2.0, INK Meas, INK Hearts, InkAddict, Expensive Skin, Tattooed As Fuck, & Tattooed AF, as well as limited runs of other designs, available seasonally. 

Ink Experience

If there’s one thing we know you love, it’s getting tattooed. That’s why we wanted to create a shopping experience that is as close to the process of walking into a tattoo shop and getting a tattoo as possible - but far less painful. Plus, it can be done from the comfort of your couch!

Step 1) Pick your Garment Type - Similar to picking the location of a tattoo, you have (almost) as many options as you have tattoo-able body parts! Pick from Hoodies, Tees, Tanks, Long sleeve, Bottoms, Underwear, Hats or Socks.

Step 2 & 3) Pick your Garment & Print Colors - We liken this to choosing the style of tattoo you want. Spanning from bright and bold like neo-traditional tattoos, to classic black, white, or grey. Since these are separate options, it’s highly customizable. You’re sure to find a unique garment and print combination that matches your personal style.

Step 4) Pick your Design  - Pick a design that speaks to you, like you do with your tattoos! We brought back your favorite InkAddict designs from years past, as well as newer versions for you to pick from.

 Just like tattoos, you can refine your choices in any order you like. Pick your design first, or garment color and go from there. It’s your apparel, made your way.

 *Not all designs are available in all colors or garment types. 

 We're always interested in what members of the InkAddict nation have to say. If you have feedback about the new Ink Experience, let us know in the comments below. Happy shopping!

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