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InkAddict Artists | Boris Bianchi

by Ryan Redoute on Sep 15, 2020

InkAddict Artists | Boris Bianchi
What do tattoos and tattooing mean to you?

All tattoos tell a story whether it's the person getting it or the image on them. Tattooing to me is my life, it's my well being. It's my past, present, future, and something that will always be a part of me.
Can you tell us a bit about your early days as an artist?

I apprenticed under Emerson Forth at Tattoo Circus in South Beach. It was 3 long ass years haha. But I wouldn't change any of it, and ever since then all it's been is hard work and dedication.
How would you describe your signature style?

I love doing blackwork, and lettering. The more aggressive the better but don't get me wrong I still love doing fineline tattoos with a softer touch too.
Has your signature style changed since you started tattooing? If yes, in what ways?

So I started doing full color American traditional, and Japanese. And to be honest I still do it.... Just black haha.

Have you noticed any particular trends when it comes to tattoos?

The trends come and go. Whether it's fineline, tribal, barbed wire, mandals...but they always evolve and always make a badass comeback.
Do you feel there is a sense of community amongst people with tattoos?

Sure, I def. feel like you already have something in common with the other person and a lot of times end up having someone you know in common.

What drew you to InkAddict?

Originally it was the artwork...eventually evolved into the relationship I grew with everyone involved with InkAddict. Everyone is amazing and so supportive. Love you guys.
We see you have a lot of Blackwork on your social. What drew to Blackwork specifically?

After moving to the UK, people were asking for it more and more. At the beginning I wasn't psyched about it, but now it's a part of me and its the style I love doing and love more than anything. It's finally given me a chance to actually express my art.

You can follow Boris on Instagram @borisbianchi and shop his design by clicking here.

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