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Tattoo Ideas And Styles | Blackwork Style

by Ryan Redoute on Oct 13, 2020

Tattoo Ideas And Styles | Blackwork Style

What Is Blackwork Style?

Rooted in Polynesion history, Blackwork style tattoos by definition can be characterized by bold, black shading, and abstract patterns. Today, Blackwork has evolved to include many different designs and patterns that can focus on negative space and recognizable scenes and objects.



In the past, all-black body ink was used to communicate ones identity and possibly things like social standing. Apparently, a British explorer visited Tahiti, was fascinated by the tribal Blackwork tattoos he saw, and introduced the tradition to European folks. This, in addition to sailors picking up the style on their travels, is supposedly how the popularity of the style grew and was adopted by more parts of the world.

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When choosing a Blackwork tattoo, we recommend considering how certain patterns will look on the curves of your body. Because only black ink is used, also carefully consider the composition of the design itself.


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