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What Is The Ink Artist Market?

by InkAddict Apparel on Sep 21, 2018

What Is The Ink Artist Market?

Through our collaboration and art identification process, we’ve met amazing tattoo artists from all over the world. And we’re committed to supporting these artists—as well as the artists we have yet to meet. Every purchase you make (be it apparel, home decor, or fine art) means that an artist is compensated for their hard work and effort. This ensures that our InkAddict artist family can make money when they’re not tattooing, too, which is a huge win for the community on the whole.

So, to properly showcase and further support the artists featured on our site, we created the INK Artist Market. This space allows us to provide a unique medium for our InkAddict artist family to display their artwork and become more profitable in the long term. We hope that you can aid us in our mission to support these artists in a multi-faceted way and utilize the INK Artist Market to find your next tattoo artist.

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