I have been tattooing since January of 2008, after a 3 mont apprenticeship. I honestly shouldn't have been tattooing with such little knowledge, guidance, or understanding of the art. I never butchered a tattoo, but I wasn't anyone you'd notice. Unless you noticed all the imperfections in my tattoos. But 10 years later, here I am.

Tattooing has been the most wonderful thing in my life aside from being a father. I would have never thought it would be so rewarding, gratifying, demanding, and simply beautiful.

Tattooing has brought me the luxury of traveling, and making connections all over the country. Not jus"network" connections, but genuine connections with clients, locals, and other artists that would eventually become friends. I leave Texas about one week a month on average. Whether it be convention or a guest spot, I'm always on the road. How lucky am I? During my travels I have somehow managed to get sponsored by companies that I truly believe in: Eternal Ink and BloodMoney Irons. And now have a collaboration with InkAddict!

I'm currently tattooing in San Antonio, TX where I co-own Flesh Electric Tattoo Studio with my business partners, and best friends Kep and Jake. We have the best crew. We all hug each other at the beginning and end of each day. We genuinely care for and love each other. We all push each other and critique each other equally as hard. It's the best environment I have ever worked in, and I'm so grateful it's mine. I owe tattooing my life.

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