Inkaddict x art battle

Sponsored by Eternal Ink and Workhorse Irons

make money off your art with each sign sold

The product

All artwork will be printed as a single-sided. 12" x 18" or 18" x 12"*, 4 mil Aluminum sign. For easy hang-up, four (4) punch holes will be applied to the signs. Sales of the signs can take place throughout the duration of the battle. Artists will receive $8.00 per sign sold. Money will be distributed in November. If artist would like to purchase signs for sale in studio, please email

Designs can be submitted from October 1st until October 27th at 12am EST.

The Contest

The Halloween Ink x Art battle is our second Halloween battle. There will be two prizes. The grand prize pack will be given to the design the team of judges from InkAddict Apparel, Eternal Ink and Workhorse Irons vote on as the best design. Another prize pack will be given to whomever the fans vote is the best design.

you will be entered to win one of two grand prizes

The Prizes

Grand Prize winner chosen by panel of judges receives

- A custom tattoo machine from Workhorse Irons.

- A full set of 50 (1 oz) inks from Eternal Ink.

- 20 free prints of your sign

Fan Vote winner receives

- A set of 25 (1 oz) inks from Eternal Ink.

- 10 free prints of your sign

The fine print

Sizing -

Final Art sizes are to be 12" x 18" or 18" x 12"

Art Submissions -

Artwork must be uploaded as one of the following high-resolution file types: .jpeg, .pdf, .eps, or .tiff

There is a limit of 2 art submission per artist for this contest.

File types cannot exceed 120MB

Art must be Halloween/ Haunted themed to be submitted for the contest.

Artwork must be original by you, and you must be a professional tattooer to be eligible for submission.


enter your art