Our 2017 Fall Line is here and it's got something for everyone, from flash inspired pieces designed by your favorite tattoo artists to the InkAddict fonts you already love in new textures and colors. As always, we continue to curate the best selection of garments for each design. This season includes an assortment of trending short sleeve and baseball tees, warm hoodies, and crew-neck sweatshirts. Included in the collection are designs from tattooers and designers Dave Tevenal, Jeff Shea, Ryan Campbell, Jake Thorsell, Tim Pangburn, Alisha Murray, Mike Stoll, Nicholas Lee, Cody Dresser, Helen Hebenton and German Ferreiroa, as well as classic IA phrasing on both Men's & Women's items such as "INK" "Expensive Skin" and "Tattooed AF". 

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