Rules & Regulations


  1. Ambassador is an independent contractor, not an employee, of InkAddict.
  2. Ambassador is solely responsible for any tax consequences that may result from the Agreement.
  3. Ambassador shall perform the following services for InkAddict (the ā€œWorkā€):
  4. Create professional content and promote their discount code on all socials
  5. InkAddict shall compensate Ambassador as follows:
  6. Free apparel in exchange for professional content (photos/videos).
  7. Ambassador shall provide all of Ambassadorā€™s own wardrobe and personal effects, with the exception of clothing provided by InkAddict for purposes of the Work.


  1. Ambassador is expected to create professional content, send such content to, and promote given discount code.
  2. Ambassador will only be compensated in apparel.
  3. If the Ambassadorā€™s photographer requires compensation the model is solely responsible for this.
  4. If package getā€™s lost in transit InkAddict will not be liable nor held responsible.
  5. Ambassadorā€™s are given 30 days to create the work and submit it to
  6. InkAddict is not liable nor held responsible in the event of an accident or a failed transaction.
  7. Ambassadorā€™s will be working under At-will contract- meaning that either the Ambassador or InkAddict may terminate this working relationship at any time.