Can't Take The Fight Unisex Tee
Can't Take The Fight Unisex Tee
Can't Take The Fight Unisex Tee
Can't Take The Fight Unisex Tee

Can't Take The Fight Unisex Tee

  • 100% Combed Cotton Tee
  • Wash cold, Dry low
  • Tagless Size Label
  • Printed in Michigan 

I can remember as early as 15 years old feeling like I was completely alone and ready to be done living.  The thoughts that creeped into my head every night started to control my brain telling me lies about how I was absolutely nothing to everyone and that my life didn’t matter. It’s so hard to not let lies like that control your mind when you hear them every single night.  Once I started listening to hardcore, I realized that I was not alone. I found a group of people that thought and felt the same things as me.  Going to hardcore shows became one of my biggest outlets. Whether it was belting out the lyrics to every song till I had no voice the next day or letting it all out in the mosh pit, the feeling of being surrounded by a group of people all brought together by one common interest became the greatest high I could chase.  The songs that these artists write and perform come from somewhere. Just like drawing and designing is my outlet to express my feelings and tell stories, so is their music.  Within all of us we have the fight to push on. There is an unbelievable strength living inside of your heart that wants you to do great things. I believe that no one was made to do absolutely nothing in this world.  When you’re in that darkness and it really feels like you have nowhere left to go, remember that inside of you is the strength of a wild animal ready to fight for your life.  Everyone has a story. Everyone has a voice. Keep Telling Personal Stories.

Size: XSmall
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