Death in the Eye Unisex Tee
Death in the Eye Unisex Tee

Death in the Eye Unisex Tee

  • 100% combed cotton Tee
  • Wash cold inside out, Dry low or hang to dry
  • Unisex Fit

So many times in our lives we get knocked down or set back. With every high tends to come a low, but that also means there is another chance to build back up from that low.

From breakups, losing friends while growing up, to failing classes in school, losing jobs we experience so many different forms of setbacks.

We tend to dwell on these negative things too much, they end up controlling our lives and emotions. It’s definitely okay to take time to feel and acknowledge the hurt and pain of the experience, but if we rest in it too long, it starts to consume you from the inside out.

I’ve struggled a lot in my life with the feeling of loss. I’ve experienced my fair share of breakups, I’ve had friends tell me not to be their friend anymore and one of my best friends passed away when I was 21.

Each one of these experiences came with their own set backs and new lows. It’s around these times that I would find myself in the darkest parts of my life. Depression raged, filling my head with thoughts of taking my own life, telling me I wasn’t meant to be here, no one would miss me because they already left me.

It’s extremely important to acknowledge thoughts like these when they come into your head. It’s important to not hide them, to express them to someone you trust. They are true feelings, and you are allowed to have them.

I kept these thoughts inside me for far too long. To the point where I tried to take my own life. For a while I thought I even failed at that because I’m still here today, but I’ve come to realize I am here for a reason. I chose to FIGHT.

Through the lowest points of my life, I chose to fight back. I never knew why I did, but today I do. I fought so I could share my story, my struggles, my feelings with all of you, to inspire you to be real with people. We all have things in life that knock us back, but take that hit, learn from it, and build yourself back up.

-Artist: Ben Vansledright

Size: XSmall
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