Give My Heart a Chance Unisex Pullover
Give My Heart a Chance Unisex Pullover

Give My Heart a Chance Unisex Pullover

  • 80% cotton / 20% polyester
  • Unlined hood
  • Front pocket
  • Plastic tipped white round drawcord
  • Tagless size label
  • Twill neck tape
  • Pre-laundered to reduce shrinking

Having such a huge heart left me pretty open to a lot of heartache growing up. From past relationships to close friends, it all hurts the same. Some more than others.  I remember being 14, a shy kid in a big new school, half way through my freshman year of high school, having who I thought where my best friends; tell me they no longer wanted to hang out or be my friend anymore.  I remember the heartache of the person you loved the most telling you they don’t love you anymore.  It’s sad that we just say “oh it’s just teenage heartache. You’ll get over it.”  It’s moments like these that stabbed at my heart. Caused it to bleed and feel empty. I filled it up with anything that possibly could let me feel nothing.  Inside all of us is a heart. No matter how bruised, scarred or wounded it may be, it still wants to love.  Your heart went through a battle growing up and it became that much stronger through it all. When you’re willing to recognize the strength instead of all the hurt, you’ve proven to yourself you’ll be okay.  Give your heart another chance. You may never know who needs your love. Even if it’s yourself.  Everyone has a story. Everyone has a voice. Keep Telling Personal Stories.

Size: Small
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