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4 Ways To Make Your Tattoos Look Like New

by alex courteau on Jan 11, 2022

4 Ways To Make Your Tattoos Look Like New
Keeping your tattoos properly moisturized is a great way to make old and faded tattoos look fresh. As time goes on, most tattoos will experience some fading. This is normal, but it can be countered to some degree by using products such as Aquaphor or something similar. Even a bit of Vaseline can make your tattoos look darker and bolder. 
Something that a lot of people overlook in general is wearing sunscreen. For tattooed people, sunscreen is even more important to keep those tattoos looking as good as they did when first inked. It's always a good idea to wear sunscreen when spending time outdoors, in particular to protect your tattooed skin. The less sun damage your skin experiences, the better your tattoos will look in the long run.


 Sometimes even the best of tattoos need a few touch ups, and in extreme cases a cover up. Everybody’s skin is different, and how it holds ink over time will vary from person to person. Tattoos can fade quickly, bleed, or look washed out due to a number of factors, and there’s never any shame in making sure your tattoos get the best care possible. 

Most tattoo artists offer a touch up policy, don’t be afraid to ask for that information if you’re feeling like yours needs a little help. There’s also no shame in getting a cover up if your tattoo didn’t turn out the way you had hoped, or if you change your mind down the road. 

When all else fails, wearing black is always a great option for making your ink stand out. There’s something about a black tee that makes those sleeves look more badass than usual, or a black hoodie to make that neck tattoo pop.

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