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7 Reasons to Get Inked

by Amanda Vermeer on Jan 12, 2022

7 Reasons to Get Inked

7 Reasons to Get Inked

1. To Express Yourself

You’re a really awesome person with cool likes and interests, and you want to express yourself in a permanent, easily recognizable way.

2. To Honor Someone’s Memory

You lost someone close to you and want to keep a part of them with you forever as a reminder of who they were and how much you loved them.

3. To Commemorate Important Events

You had an unforgettable time on vacation in France getting to see the Eiffel Tower for the first time, you fell in love with your child on the day they were born, or you persevered and are celebrating one year being sober. You want to remember the moment forever.

4. To Bond With Friends or Loved Ones

You and your bestie want to hold each other close for years to come with matching tattoos and the fun experience of getting them together.

5. To Cover Up Scars

You’ve got a big scar from breaking your arm, or from a surgery. You want to dress it up with a cool design so that your tattoo is the focal point instead.

6.To Stand Out From the Crowd

You’re a unique, badass individual and you want everyone to know it. Life is too short to blend in.

7. You’re Addicted After Getting One

You got one tiny tattoo just for fun and now you’re addicted and need more ASAP. We get it, it happens.

7 Reasons to Get Inked

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