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by Content Team on May 17, 2022


How many times have you had someone ask you about the meaning of your tattoos as if all of your secrets are somehow hidden in plain sight and they are just missing the secret decoder ring? Tattoos are a form of personal expression and can hold great significance or simply just be fun or because we got bored. With everyone and their brother curious about the meaning of your tattoos, you'll get questions. Here are some ways to answer questions about the meaning of your tattoos

  1. Be sincere and serious - tell them your pre-rehearsed story about what it means to you. Omit details that are irrelevant and pretend that all of your Ink was part of your plan to begin with.
  2. Be a smartass - give them a snarky response that will make them regret ever asking in the first place. "That's the question I've been asking myself. One day they just started to appear and I don't know what they mean, maybe you can help me figure it out??"
  3. Be vague - say something like "it's personal" or "it's just for me"
  4. Tell them the honest truth - this is probably the best option, but be aware that some people may not like hearing the harsher realities of life
  5. Make up a story - if you don't want to tell them the truth or you just feel like being creative, make up a story about what your tattoo means
  6. Ignore them - if you don't want to talk about it, just pretend like you didn't hear them and keep on going about your day... If they are persistent revert to #2
  7. Say nothing - another option is to just stay silent. Give a little smirk and/or wink and walk away. Just imagine the stories they will be telling themselves about the mystery that is YOU.

Just like the ink you've chosen, you are in control! But now when someone asks about the meaning behind your tattoos, you'll have a few new ways of answering to try on. Whatever direction you decide to go just be authentically you and remember, Life's too short to be boring...

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