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From the Vault - Jessica Wilde

by Ben VanSledright on May 05, 2022

From the Vault - Jessica Wilde


With the recent release of her new book, Wilde is an inspiration- showing the world how she transformed into a badass woman out of necessity and became a social media celebrity.

Going Wilde - Book cover

The book titled, GOING WILDE: How I Became The Woman I Was Meant To Be by Creating The Woman I Am Not, draws from true stories of her past and how that turned into remarkable success. Within the book, Wilde “explores the toxic nature of social media and reveals that true happiness lies far beyond the ‘like’ button.” The truth is, Wilde would endure a long and difficult journey to discover and define the real woman behind her social media identity.

This remarkably candid memoir follows Wilde’s thoughtful struggles to untangle social media’s jungle of destructive illusions and embrace her own authentic identity. It serves as a damning cautionary tale for anyone creating a digital façade on sites from Facebook, to Instagram, to LinkedIn.

InkAddicts, especially women, should definitely get their hands on this book. 10/10 DO recommend. Which is our reason for highlighting the re-release of our Jessica Wilde x INK designs. A badass woman, a badass design, and a badass book. What more could you ask for? Shop the Jessica Wilde x INK design available in various styles now!

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