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Got Your Back: Fashion Tips for Showing Off Back Tattoos

by Content Team on Jul 20, 2023

Fashion Tips for Showing Off Back Tattoos

The great thing about back tattoos is that they are so easy to cover up. You can go completely business formal Monday through Friday, then let your true colors shine when the weekend comes around. With summer in full swing, those of us with back tattoos are ready to take every opportunity to put them in the spotlight. After all, they’ve been covered up all winter. It’s time they get a little love.

But most of us have one or two go-to outfits for showcasing our back ink, and that’s it. If you’re tired of recycling the same looks, it might be time to find some new pieces. So if you’re looking for some fresh ideas to show off your rad artwork, read on.

Upper Back

1. Halter Top

They’re back and cuter than ever. Halter tops are an easy way to display your upper back artwork and are perfect for summer. Dress it up with a pair of slacks, keep it casual with some cut-off shorts, or hit the beach with a flowy skirt.

2. Racerback

If you’re looking for casual tattoo apparel to show off a shoulder tattoo or uncover a portion of your ink, try a racerback tank. These are a great option for the gym, paired, of course, with your favorite leggings, or for a casual day of errand running on top of some comfy shorts.

3. Strapless

Like its cousin, the halter top, strapless tops and dresses are perfect for showcasing upper to middle-of-the-back artwork. Try a sexy bodycon dress for a night out or a simple tank with your favorite pair of jeans. And don’t forget to pair it with a necklace and earrings!

4. One Shoulder

It’s classy, but also super hot. For a dressed-up look, try a one-shouldered bodycon dress. To keep it casual, opt for a one-shouldered bodysuit and some jeans.

5. Corset

Nothing says edgy like a corset, especially when it puts that upper back tatt on full display. Try it with some cargo pants for the perfect blend of casual and sexy, or with a pair of jeans for a more relaxed look. And don’t worry, if edgy isn’t really your vibe, there are plenty of cute floral or denim corset looks that are currently topping the trend charts.

6. Jewelry

One of our favorite tattoo fashion trends is a back chain necklace. This allows a portion of the necklace to drape or hang down the back, drawing all the attention to your artwork. Pair it with a V-shaped plunging back for extra “woah” points.

Full/Center Back

1. Plunging Back

What’s not to love about a plunging back? Whether it’s on a dress or a top, you really can’t go wrong. Plus, it creates the perfect frame for tattoos that extend further down the back.

2. Cutout

The possibilities for this style are endless. Try a wrapped tank with a triangular peek-a-boo spot or a keyhole that ties at the neck.

3. Open Back

From wedding dresses to tanks, this style says “sexy” no matter how you wear it. If you’ve got a full back tattoo to show off, there’s no better way to do it than with a wide-open back.

4. Cross Straps

Like the open back, but strappy. We especially love thin, crisscrossed straps that snake their way down the back. They’re subtle, but they’re incredibly eye-catching.

5. See-Through Materials

Feeling mysterious? Try clothing that features see-through or sheer material in the back. This could be lace, mesh, or loosely crocheted pieces. Whatever you go for, it’s sure to leave your viewers wanting more.

Lower Back

1. Sports Bra

Keep it simple and sporty with your favorite sports bra and leggings. Even if you didn’t actually hit the gym today, this is a chill way to put that lower back tatt on display without looking like you’re trying too hard.

2. Crop Top

Thanks to Eric Church, we all want “that little tattoo playing peek-a-boo on your back,” and the crop top was made for showing it off. Plus, with so many options on the market today, you’ll never run out of styles to choose from.

3. Bandeau

We’re kind of obsessed with the matching bandeau top and pant sets that are currently trending. It’s easy, cute, and the perfect way to display that lower back tatt. Keep it casual with a simple white bandeau top and cut-off shorts, or dress it with a pair of slacks.

4. Tied Button-Down

Turn that fall flannel into a crop by tying it up to reveal your lower back artwork. Or, try it with a flowy linen short-sleeve for summer fashion.

5. Bikini Top

Last but definitely not least, we can’t forget about the tried and true bikini top. We can’t think of a better way to put that tatt on display. Pair it with some shorts for a festival or with a tied sarong to hit the beach. Don’t you wish every season was bikini season?

Other Things To Consider

1. Colors

When dressing to show off your artwork, try to keep colors in mind by matching or contrasting them. For example, a white top paired with black ink makes an incredibly stunning look. And if you’ve got some color on your back, try choosing shades that fit the color scheme of your tatt.

2. Hair

Not only is it a solid idea to coordinate your clothing colors with your ink, but bonus points for you if you keep your artwork in mind when choosing a hair color as well. Because the worst thing we can think of is having hair that clashes with your tatt. *Shudders*

3. Jewelry

The back chain isn’t the only jewelry that can accentuate your back tattoos. Dangling earrings will draw attention to the upper back/neck area, along with chokers and other necklaces. Gold jewelry is an especially great way to contrast your ink and make it pop.

If you’re looking for some additions to your wardrobe that will really show off your back tattoos, don’t you worry; the options are literally endless. And summer is the perfect time to try them all!

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