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Summer Ink: 7 Things to Avoid After a Summer Tattoo

by Content Team on Jul 04, 2023

Things to Avoid After a Summer Tattoo

Maybe it’s that wild feeling you get when you can finally drive around with windows down, blasting your favorite tunes. Maybe it’s those summer night party vibes. Maybe it’s just an excuse for another tatt. Whatever it is, there’s something about summer that makes us crave fresh ink a little more than usual.

But getting a tattoo in the summer isn’t always as dope as it sounds. The downside is that it can mean scrapping plans and sitting on the sidelines for some of your favorite activities.

So, if you’re thinking about making a trip to the parlor this summer, make sure you avoid these forbidden things:

1. Swimming

We know. This one hurts. After all, what is summer without the pool or the beach? Tough as it is, you’re gonna need to avoid swimming in pools, lakes, the ocean, the jacuzzi, and pretty much every other body of water you can think of for at least two weeks (but we recommend four for the ocean). Check with your artist before taking a dip, and when you do decide to dive in, make sure the water of choice isn’t known for hosting bacteria.

2. Sun Tanning

What’s better than new ink? New ink on sun-kissed skin, of course! Unfortunately, though, you’ll want to get your sun tanning in before getting a new tattoo. Even then, it’s still best to avoid too much sun exposure to the area you plan on tattooing. Those UV rays can do some serious damage to a healing tattoo. Once you’ve got it, we strongly recommend keeping it covered from sun exposure for the rest of the season. Tattoo inspired clothing covers with style.

3. Sand

Sand can really irritate your healing tattoo. Even if you cover the tatt before heading to the beach, sand is expert at creeping into the most sealed places. Remember, that newly inked spot is basically an open wound, and trust us, you do not want sand rubbing up on that.

4. Tight Clothing

It might be cute, but if it fits tightly over your tattooed area, ditch it. Basically, anything that’s going to really rub against that spot is gonna be a no-go. This could be the perfect time to buy something new and add some more tattoo style clothing to your wardrobe.

5. Contact Sports

This summer may not be the year you win the beach volleyball championship or show off your football skills at the Fourth of July BBQ. Sorry. Any activity that might cause your tattooed area to be bumped, hit, or experience any other aggressive contact should be avoided at all costs.

6. Too Much Travel

You might want to think twice about traveling right after getting a new tatt, especially if it’s located on a part of your body that will come into contact with the seat material of the plane or car. Sitting for an extended period of time will cause pressure and friction to the area, which is no bueno. Schedule your tattoo appointment at least two weeks before any travel plans to play it safe.

7. Booze

Sorry to be a buzzkill, but it’s true. Too much of the good stuff can dehydrate you, prolonging the healing process. Not only that, but when alcohol acts as a blood thinner it can keep the wound from scabbing properly, making the healing process take even longer, and could possibly lead to an infection. Yuck. Try to hang in there for at least 48 hours without anything stronger than a Shirley Temple.

How to Prep for Your Summer Ink

Here’s how you can make use of the days leading up to your appointment:

First, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (no, tequila does not count). You’ll need a good amount of H2O if you want your body to heal properly after getting your new tatt, so don’t wait until the day of to switch over to water.

Second, try to keep the area you’ll be tattooing out of the sun. Can you imagine the pain of going under the needle with a sunburn? We’re cringing just thinking about it. Most artists will turn you away if you show up with burnt, peeling, or overly tanned skin.

How to Care for Your Summer Ink

Besides avoiding the things listed above, there are some steps you can take to help the healing process along. You’ll never guess the first…hydration! That’s right, it’s still important after you’ve gotten your new tatt, so drink up! You’ll also want to keep your new ink as clean as possible. Your artist will give you all the deets on taking care of things, including which products to go for and which to avoid.


Summer is all about fun and nothing says fun like fresh ink. However, if you want to make sure your tattoo heals properly and quickly, you’ll need to avoid some summer activities for a while. It might seem like forever, but we promise you’ll be back in the pool in no time, ready to show off your newest feature.


As summer beckons, the desire for new tattoos grows, but proper care is essential. Getting inked during this season requires special precautions for optimal healing. This infographic offers insights into seven activities to avoid, along with dos and don'ts post-tattoo, ensuring the preservation and recovery of your artwork. By sidestepping practices that hinder healing, you contribute to a successful recovery and can flaunt your summer ink with pride.

8 Things to Avoid After a Summer Tattoo Infographic


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